We have decided, for no other reason, that its time for these pieces to find a new home.

So to hasten the journey they have been reduced by 50% or more, to under

500 pounds!

Click on images to enlarge,for more details contact –

art@tribalgatheringlondon.com  + 44 7939 166148


Above – Collection of 12,17th -19th-century bronze gold weights. Akan.Ghana. £200 for the collection! (normally prices between £30 to £90 each)

Above -  Learning board. Harar.Ethiopia.First half 20th century. H – 37 cm x 24 cm. Was – £420. Now £210 

Above. Headrest. Boni. Somalia. Carved from a typical light wood, nice form and well used. Was £280. Now £150 

Above – Horn spoon with simple decorations on the handle. First half 20th century. Ethiopia. Was £180. Now – £95

Above  -  A fine and old stringed instrument. Senufo – Ivory Coast.Ex Swiss collection. Wooden shaft with metal attachments at the top.Gourd base covered with animal hide. At the base the strings are supported by an abstract female form carved in hardwood. In good condition considering its age. H – 72 cm. (excluding display stand) Was £960. Mounted Now -  £480!

Very early  Ethiopian headrest probably mid  19th  century or before. Was  £350. Now  £175! Wonderful old headrest, cracks to the base with wire restorations as shown. The leather covering over the neck support is rare to find. Very oily surface. I have had this piece in my collection for 25 years!

Above – A pair of finely cast small bronze figures. Male and female. Yoruba.Nigeria. Age incertain but going by style and patina probably 1st half 20th century. Ex private collection as mounted on an early display stand.Were £280 Now £140

Above. Female figure. Kaguru tribe. Tanzania. H – 32 cm. Was £650. Now £320!

Above  -  A very finely carved wooden hairpin. Kwere culture. Tanzania. Finely decorated shaft surmounted with a female figure.H – 36 cm. (mounted)  Was – £680. Now £340! 

Above. Figurative stopper to gourd medicine container. Makonde. Tanzania. Oily surface with protruding ‘handle’. Typical Makonde features. H – 19 cm. Was – £580. Now £260

Above. Ethiopian headrest,Kaiffa region. 19th century. Carved in two parts with curved support fitting into the stem. H – 19 cm.Was £280. Now £140! (old crack to the base )

Above -  Wooden ceremonial hatchet. Luba. DRC. L – 40 cm.Was £650.Now £250!

Above – Snuff containers. Horn,wood and leather. The left with aluminum studs. The right with small glass beads.Both Kenyan. Ex private collections UK. Each was £290. Now £150 each!

Above  – Mask. Makua. Southern Tanzania.Wood with traces of red pigments.Back has good signs of use. H – 20 cm.Was £950. Now £420!

Above. Spoon. Zulu.Southern Africa. H – 30 cm. Was £280. Now £120! (mounted)

Above. A fine figurative stopper to a gourd medicine container. Zigua culture .Tanzania. H – 21.5 cm. Was £480. Now £240!

Above  – Wooden whistle.Lobi. Burkina Faso. Good form and patina. H – 30 cm. Was £580. Now £280! (with display stand)

Above. Old female fetish figure. Tabwa. DRC. Well worn patina.Powerful stance.Fetish holes in top of head and back.Missing piece to base (as when collected).Field collected 1990’s. H – 24 cm.Was £950.Now £440!

Above. Large bone pendant/charm. Dinka culture. Southern Sudan.1st quarter 20th century. Good patina and rows of circle and dot decorations. L  – 34 cm (excluding mount)Was £850. Now £420!

Above -  Small fertility doll. Female figure holding her breasts. Kwere. Tanzania. Wood with early glass beads.Was £680. Now £320!

Above – Ceremonial hat. Lega. DRC. H – 18 cm. (£850) now £425!

Wicker frame decorated with old buttons and clamshells

Above-Old Ekipa. Namibia. 1st quarter 20th-century .L – 6 cm. (£350) now £180!

Above – Two rare wide boer tusk tribal upper armbands. First-quarter 20th century.outhern Sudan.  

Large. – 18 cm (£490) now £240! Med. L – 15.5 CM (£320) now £150 

Above – A chieftains rattle. Toposa. Southern Sudan. 1st qtr 20th century.L – 9 cm (£350) now £175 !

Above- Hogon’s (priests) necklace. Dogon. Mali.Iron chain with stone centerpiece.Ex Seward Kennedy coll. UK. L – 50 cm. (£250) now £110 

Above – Rare ceremonial head adornment. Makonde. Mozambique.

Feathers fixed to a wicker frame with a strip of glass beads.D – 75 cm. (£750) now £280! (comes mounted on display board)


Above-  Chieftans pipe with carved head. Kaguru. Tanzania. L -  18 cm (£580) now £250! (on display stand)

Above – Small finely carved figure of a man holding a sack and fly wisp. Possibly a small fetish figure. Tanzania. Pre 1950’s. H – 10 cm. Was – £640 Now £320!

Above – Small bronze horseman. Akan. Ghana. Colonial period. Ex private collection Netherlands. H – 10 cm L – 8.5 cm.On the original wooden base. Was – £280 Now – £140

Above  -  Small bronze bust. Benin. Nigeria. Ex Seward Kennedy collection, London. Lost wax casting.First-quarter 20th century or before. H  – 11 cm. Was £560.Now £220!