Bryan Reeves has for more than twenty-five years been actively dealing in African tribal art and adornment. Progressing from a market stall and shop on Portobello Road in the early 1990’s, to a London based gallery of more than 20 years, namely ‘Tribal Gathering London’. During this time he has been constantly refining his eye.

A mask with impact. A figure with form and presence. A functional item with defining shape and design. These are the qualities that are looked for when choosing a piece. A piece with these qualities separates it from the ordinary.
The challenge to replace such a piece with an equal or more exciting piece gives the energy and enthusiasm to keep traveling and sourcing from both in Africa and from old collections in the UK and Europe.

Bryan is the founding member and organizer of  ‘ Tribal Art London’ which has developed into the leading tribal art fair in the UK and a major event on the international tribal art fair calendar.

Over the years he has helped build many private collections and has sold to leading museums around the world including the Metropolitan Museum in New York. He exhibits annually in San Francisco, Amsterdam, London and France.

Bryan is always looking to buy pieces from old collections in both the UK and Europe.

For gallery opening hours please check on the ‘contact’ page.   Telephone  –  + 44 7939 166148