A fine and early beaded ceremonial skirt. Iraqw culture. Tanzania. Early glass beads on thin strips of animal hide. Early 20th century.Comes mounted on a display board.  £1800

  • Beaded apron.Toposa

    A fine beaded apron. Toposa tribe, South Sudan.Glass beads in bands of black, orange, red, and yellow attractively sown onto a strip of animal hide. Custom mounted.£480

  • Beaded neck adornment and apron. Pokot. Kenya

    A very finely beaded girls neck adornment/collar with matching apron. Pokot tribe northern Kenya.The apron is finely beaded back and front.It has two strands of beads that would have looped over the shoulders to give it support. Given as a bridal gift as a symbol of wealth. Mid 20th cent.Price  – £750. Mounted


    Fine prestige knife. Baule culture.Ivory Coast.The knife has a forged iron blade with wooden handle that is  beautifully decorated with old brass tacks. The animal hide sheath has three ‘spondylus’ shells attached. Ex private European collection.H – 26 cm.£950. (with display stand) Click on image for slide show.

  • Small ceremonial hand shield.Meru culture – Kenya

    Fine ceremonial dance shield.Meru culture – Kenya.Wood (one piece) and decorated with natural pigments of red and white. Good signs of use with nice worn patina on the handle.Mid 20th century or before.On custom made stand. H – 33 cm £780.

  • Fine prestige blade. LIA. DRC

    A beautifully formed iron blade with fine decorations. Lia culture. DRC. Early 20th century. Ex private collection Belgium. H – 55 cm (excluding base) £950


    Fine hand shield.Tortoise shell,wood and metal.Dinka culture.Southern Sudan.First half 20th century.Ex private collection UK. H- 51 cm. £1250 (on custom made stand) Click on image for slide show


    A fine 19th prestige blade. Topoke culture.Congo. Iron blade with solid heavy metal handle bound with fine strips of copper and soft white metal. The blade is decorated with finely engraved designs. Found in Kempton Market London. H – 40 cm. £780 (custom mounted)


    Kuba prestige knife,nice form and balance with copper blade (rarer to find),wooden handle with beautiful patina.H – 38 cm. £320 (on display stand)

  • 19th century hide shield. Ethiopia

    Hippopotamus hide shield. Oromo. Ethiopia. 19th century. Beautiful finely decorated shield in good condition.Handle at the rear. Ex private family collection Addis Ababa. Diameter 80 cm. £1500

  • Club or staff. Dinka. Southern Sudan

    A beautifully formed Dinka prestige wooden club or staff. Southern Sudan. First half 20th century. Elegantly tapered form,mushroom-shaped head. Lovely golden patina. H – 74 cm. £875. Mounted.

  • Hide shield. Ethiopia

    A fine 19th-century Hippopotamus hide shield. Sidamo, Ethiopia. Decorated with a striking cross design in natural pigments of red. Diameter – 74 cm. £1600

  • Prestige hatchet. Mozambique

    A fine prestige hatchet. Makonde. Mozambique. The top of the shaft is decorated with geometric designs with a carved horned animal to one side. Metal blade. Beautiful patina. Ex private collection UK. First half 20th century. H –  49 cm . £1600


    Wicker shield. Ngombe or Mongo. DRC. H -  140 cm. First part 20th century. Ex private collection UK. Good condition,small bits of binding missing on top and bottom as shown in photos.£1100. Click on image for slide show.

  • Prestige blade. Konda. DRC

    A finely decorated 19th-century prestige blade. Konda or related people. DRC. A steel blade with fine subtle decorations on both sides.The wooden handle wrapped with coils of copper wire.H – 32 cm (excluding the display stand) £750. Mounted. Click on image for slide show

  • Milk container. Zulu

    Fine milk container. Zulu culture.Southern Africa. Beautiful form carved with two ‘breasts’ on either side. The double bands carved on the lower section and with a rounded base. Carved from a dense brown wood. Nice patina. H – 31 cm. £1450

  • calabash medicine container.Tanzania

    An old gourd medicine container with carved wooden stopper.The container is decorated with strands of old red and white glass beads.The head has white glass beaded eyes and fine strands of transparent beads. Laguru tribe – Tanzania.Price  – £650

  • Cutting board. Gurage. Ethiopia

    An early cutting board with animal-like features. Gurage culture. Ethiopia. The board has wonderful abstract animal-like features. The pointed edges are thought to represent cow udders with carved head and legs either end. When not in use the board would have been hung on a wall with the ‘udders’ showing outwards. Height  – 55 cm….

  • Fine palm wine cup. Kuba

    A finely decorated palm wine cup with typical crosshatch decoration.Kuba kingdom, DRC. Early 20th century.Nice patina and in good condition. H – 15 cm. £560. Click on image for slide show

  • Finely decorated gourd

    The gourd is beautifully decorated with images of people,plants and geometric designs. It has a fantastic traditional restoration repairing an old crack with the gourd finely stitched together.The stopped indicates that this gourd was also possibly used as a doll and well as a container.Tanzanian. H –  28 cm. Price  –  £380

  • 19th century palm wine cup.Ngombe.DRC

    A very early ceremonial palm wine cup.Ngombe.DRC.The handle is decorated with early brass tacks and a mental chain.Second half 19th century.Ex Belgium collection.£580

  • Calabash pipe. Tanzania

    Pipe. Wagogo people. Tanzania. Made from a gourd curved beautifully to form a functional pipe. The stem is made from wood with a clay head. H – 39 cm. £480. Click on image for slide show.

  • Terracotta storage container.Tanzania

    . Terracotta container depicting a pig. The container would have been used by a traditional healer to store dried medicines. There is a large circular opening on top of the body. The container has an old crackled patina from extensive ritual use. Pare culture. Tanzania. L –  32 cm. £1500

  • Fine pair of ceremonial potS. Zande. Sudan/DRC

    A pair of rare ceremonial pots. Zande. Southern Sudan/DRC. Male & female made from the same hand. Field collected 1990’s & ex private coll. UK. Shavings have been removed from the ears & neck of the female, possibly then used in healing rituals. 1st half 20th cent. H – 44 cm. 46 cm. £3600 pair.

  • Fine ladle.Ivory Coast

    A fine wooden ladle with beautiful form and patina.Craved from a dense brown wood. Dan or Baule,Ivory Coast. Ex-private collection UK. H -  44 cm £880.Custom mounted.(click on image for slide show)

  • Kuba cup

    Fine anthropomorphic drinking vessel. Kuba, DRC. First half 20th century.Ex private Belgium collection. £850

  • Finely decorated palm wine cup

    A finely decorated early royal palm wine cup.Kuba kingdom,DRC. Early 20th century with typically fine overlapping crisis cross decorations.Lovely patina and in good condition.£580

  • Meat platter.Zulu

    A beautifully decorated Zulu meat platter.Southern Africa.H – 46 cm. £890. Custom mounted. Click on image for the slide show.

  • Double food bowl.Zambia

    £750. A fine double bowl with carved lid decorated with two ducks. The lid fits tightly to the bottom section. The base is carved from one piece. Traditionally used as a duel serving and storage bowl. The animals depicted on Lozi bowls like this are often species that are found inhabiting along the shores of…

  • Coolamon. Aboriginal

    A beautifully decorated incised Aboriginal coolamon. Ex private collection UK. H -  68 cm (including display stand 88 cm). Custom mounted. £1250. Click on image for slide show.

  • Ceremonial cup. Kuba – DRC

    A fine ceremonial palm wine vessel. Kuba, (or related group) DRC. Early 20th century 1920s-30s. Ex private collection London and previous to this Brussels. H – 18 cm. £940

  • Milk pale.Zulu

    Zulu milk pail with attractive V-shaped decoration around its body. Well worn surface with honey brown patina. Early part 20th century. H – 37 cm. £750

  • Large wooden platter.Zulu

    A fine large Zulu meat platter.Good form,age and patina.Length – 88cm. £1100. Comes with custom made wall mount.

  • Ceremonial cup. Kuba

    Fine ceremonial palm wine cup. Kuba people. DRC. The head with fine features and decorated with attractive cross-hatch designs. Craved from a fine-grained brown wood which has developed a lovely patina. H – 15 cm. £680.Click on image for slide show.


    Fine ceremonial steel hand cross. 18th-19th century. Ex private collection UK. H – 25 cm. £650 (on display stand)


    A pair of wooden covers to a 19th century Ethiopian icon.These beautifully decorated hinged protective covers would have been attached either side of a central wooden panel. Ex private collection UK. Mounted on a backing board 37 cm x 29 cm. £1250