• Seated figure.Tanzania

    Impressive seated figure. Kaguru, Tanzania. The male figure seated on a three-legged stool as a symbol of rank and prestige. First half 20th century. H -  64 cm. £2400

  • Female bust. Makonde

    A finely decorated female fetish bust. Makonde. Mozambique/Tanzania. Used as a ritual piece with holes to contain healing medicine on the top of head and back.Mid 20th century. H – 18 cm. £750

  • Female figure. Suku. DRC

    Female maternity figure. Suku people. DRC. Ex-private collection The Netherlands. Standing upright holding her stomach,glossy patina.Collected in situ in the early 1970′s.  – H  52 cm.£2400. Click on image for slide show.

  • Ancestral figure.Tanzania

    Fine old ancestral figure. Sagara culture. Tanzania. Seated female figure with upright posture, movable arms with a weathered patina. First half 20th century.H – 67 cm £1600. (traditional restoration to leg)

  • FEMALE fetish FIGURE.Kusu

    Fine female fetish figure. Kusu. DRC. Wood with animal skin attachment.First half 20th century. Ex-private collection UK. H –  27 cm. £ 1450.Click on image for slide show.

  • Female figure. Dogon – Mali

    A fine early Dogon figure, Mali. Standing female figure with hands raised above its head. Encrusted patina, ex-private Swiss collection, originally purchased Galerie Numaga, Neuchatel 1967. H 49 cm. £1250

  • Tall female figure. Tanzania

    A fine early 20th-century female figure.Kaguru culture, Tanzania. The female figure standing with both arms holding its stomach. Standing on one foot with the other one missing. Impressive in its size and sculptural quality. H – 90cm. £1800


    Small standing man fetish figure. Sagara culture.Tanzania. Upright stance with fetish hole at the top of the head. Beaded eyes,1st half 20th century. H – 14.5 cm. £450. Comes on custom made mount. (click on image for slide show)

  • Snuff containers. Namibia

    Two snuff containers. Nanibia. Left to right.(bone snuff) L – 16 cm  £270 (white metal snuff) L – 21 cm. £380


    Beautiful beaded pipe.Zulu.Southern Africa.Wooden body decorated with fine early glass beads.Ex private collection South Africa. L – 12.5 cm. £480 (on display stand)


    Fine Zulu snuff container made from a cross section of bamboo and decorated with old glass beads of white and blue. L – 9.5 cm. £480. (on custom made stand)

  • Snuff container. Tanzania

    Snuff container.First half 20th century.Carved in two pieces and attached with a leather strip.Wagogo culture.Tanzania. L – 11 cm.£390.Click on image for slide show.

  • Snuff container. Chokwe

    Snuff container.Chokwe. Angola. Carved from bone with finely carved female face with head crest. Small lid with glass beads attached.H – 6 cm. Ex private collection London. £480. Click on image for slide show

  • Horn snuff container.Southern or East African

    A rare type of horn snuff container.Southern or East Africa. Carved in three sections,the top fixes by screwing tight into the body section. The base is joined separately to the body. Ex Kempton market. London. 2019. L – 12.5 cm. £450. Click on image for slide show.

  • Snuff container.Tanzania

    Snuff container made from horn and decorated with tiny glass beads and chain sown onto a leather strap. Wagogo culture. Tanzania. L – 10 cm. £350. Click on image for slide show

  • Portal door. Baule. Ivory Coast

    .  Fine early portal door. Baule culture. Ivory Coast. Carved wooden portal door decorated with natural pigments, depicting a large sworn fish with a baby fish in her mouth. Exhibited Cercle Volney, Les arts Africans, Paris 1955. Early 20th century. H –  117 cm. £3500.

  • Large prestige stool.Bamelike.Cameroon

    A very large and impressive prestige stool. Bamelike,Cameroon. A group of six buffalo’s supporting a flat circular base. Carved from one piece with a deep lusty patina. Early 20th century. Ex private collection UK. H- 40 cm  D – 56 cm. £1600

  • Stool. Lozi. Zambia

    An unusual Lozi stool with a central ‘x’ shaped support that resembles an abstract figure with arms raised. Supported by two ‘v’ shaped columns. Carved from a dense brown wood with smooth worn patina. Large in size H – 33 cm. D – 30 cm. £ 350


    Fine figurative door lock.Encrusted patina with fine decorations. Bambara culture. Mali. Ex private collection UK.H – 27 cm. £850

  • LARGE 19th century high backed ETHIOPIAN chair

    A large and unusual late 19th century Ethiopian high backed throne. Coming from the Jimma region. Carved from a heavy brown wood, supported by three curved legs with a rare cutout cross design on the backrest. Nice shiny patina and in good condition. H – 101 cm. W – 57 cm. £1900. Click on image…

  • Small chair.Ethiopia

    A small chair made from a tree branch. Ethiopia. Carved from a three-way junction of branches with the seat section carved out to form a hollowed-out reclining back. Over time the chair has developed a wonderful lusty patina. First-quarter 20th century. H -   £750

  • Early 20th century Ethiopian chair

    Small to medium in size with three supporting legs.Attractive cut out design on the back support. Good condition with deep lusty patina. H – 70 cm. £850. Click on image for slide show.

  • Stool. Ashante. Ghana

    Ashante stool.Large in size. Early 20th century in good condition, well-used surface with dark patina. Attractive double-sided support with a bird motif. H – 48 cm L – 57 cm. £750

  • Fine Congo stool

    Stool. Luba/Zela (or related people) DRC. A powerful female figure with arms raised supporting the seat platform. Carved from a dense wood.The figure has scarification markings and aluminum inserted eyes. Ex private German collection. H – 35 cm. First half 20th century. Price – £2800.Click on image for slide show.


    A beautiful old Bambara door lock. Mali.Abstract form with fantastic encrusted and worn patina. Ex private collection Sweden. H – 40 cm. £1250. Click on image for slide show.

  • 19th century high backed chair.Ethiopia

    A fine 19th century Ethiopian high backed chair. With intricately carved cross-hatching back support. Three supporting legs with lovely form and balance. Shiney patina and in good condition. H – 85 cm. £1450. Click on image for slide show


    A rare type of stool symbolising rank and title. Hehe tribe. Iringa region. Tanzania. Early 20th century. H -40 cm D – 51 cm. £650

  • Three forked ‘Oule Sheikh Hussein’ pilgrimage staffs

    Group of three ‘Oule Sheikh Hussein’ pilgrimage staffs.With typical forked form, these staffs were carried during a pilgrimage in the Ethiopian highlands, the forked staff was symbolic to show the owner was on this sacred rite and when needed should be offered hospitality.750 pounds set of three as mounted. – £750

  • Stool. Zambia

    Nice early stool with five curved supports. Carved from a semi-hard brown wood with honey patina. Good condition.Ex private collection UK. H -  36 cm. Diameter – 33 cm. £580

  • Door. Igbo culture. Nigeria

    A fine portal door with circular designs. Igbo,Nigeria.Important doors like this were placed at the entrance to meeting compounds belonging to families of higher rank.Carved in a heavy red wood ‘oji or iroko’.Early 20th century. Ex private collection UK.  46 x 100 cm. £3400

  • Stool. Ashante. Ghana

    A fine and large Ashante stool. Ghana. Early 20th century. Central support carved on one side with 3 elephants and the other a bird on top of 2 elephants. Carved from a hard brown wood, good condition with lovely patina. H – 58 cm L – 53 cm. £950

  • Stool.Uganda

    A finely cast bronze pendant, Baule. Ivory Coast .Ex Seward Kennedy collection London. 7 cm x 4.5 cm. £580 Mounted.Click on image for slide show

  • Small Ethiopian chair. 19th century

    A fine and nicely formed small high backed Ethiopian chair. Beautiful patina with curved back support.Unusual and attractive cut out decoration on the back support.Three supporting legs.Late 19th to early 20th century. H – 69 cm. £750. Click on image for slide show.

  • House post. Gurage culture.19th century Ethiopia

    A fine wooden house post. Gurage culture.Ethiopia. 19th century. Carved with three phallic symbols at the top to give fertility and protection to the household. Also used as a post to separate areas inside a traditional dwelling. Height 1.8 meters. £950 (custom mounted)

  • Stool. Mangbetu. Congo

    A nicely balanced small prestige stool with good form and patina. Mangbetu culture. DRC. Early 20th century. H – 23 cm. D – 31.5 cm. £780. Good condition no restorations or repairs.Ex private collection UK. Click on image for slide show

  • Reclining child’s chair. Ivory Coast

    A fine early small reclining chair. Ivory Coast. Lovely worn patina.Early 20th century. Ex Seward Kennedy collection UK. H – 34 cm L – 40 cm. £490

  • Stool. Bamileke

    A fine prestige stool. Bamileke, Cameroon.  Ex private collection UK.H -  42 cm. £950 (click on image for slide show)

  • Small zoomorphic stool

    A nicely balanced Lobi stool. Burkina Faso. Early 20th century. L – 42 cm. H – 22.5 cm. £450

  • Small elder’s Stool.Kenya

    An small elders stool with a finely decorated twisted wire top. Kamba people, Kenya. With three supporting legs in good overall condition.Early 20th century. Diameter 27 cm H 16 cm.£420

  • Large throne/chair. Late 19th century.ETHIOPIAN

    A rare form of Ethiopian high backed chair with four supporting legs,large in form.Carved from a very dense dark wood. Lovely patina, comfortable to sit in. H – 98 cm. Seat diameter -60 cm. Late 19th century.£2200