• Headrest. Oromo . Ethiopia

    A fine Oromo headrest. Bale region. Ethiopia. Rare in form with beautiful smooth patina. Good condition. European collection. H – 21 cm. L – 23 cm. 19th century. £550. Click on image for slide show


    A fine Swazi headrest with good form and patina. Good height with solid flared shaped supports. H – 17 cm. L – 41 cm. £850. (one of the supports has been once broken and restored) Click on image for the slide show

  • Headrest Karamajong. Uganda

    Headrest. Karamajong culture.Northern Uganda.Fienly decorated on both supports bound together with leather strap also acting as the handle.Early restoration with aluminium at the top of one support. Ex private collection UK. H – 18 cm. £340  (click on image for slide show)

  • Headrest.Afar culture.Ethiopia

    Afar people. Ethiopia. A rarer type of Afar headrest with animal-shaped appearance. Carved from a typically light wood with four splayed supporting legs with fine crisscross decorations. Length -  21.5 cm. First half 20th century.£270

  • Ethiopian headrest. Jimma

    Ethiopian headrest. Jimma culture. Carved in two parts with the curved support fitting into the upright support. Smooth worn surface with golden brown patina.19th century, possibly before. H -  17 cm. £ 320. Click on image for the slide show.

  • Tsonga headrest.Southern Africa

    Fine Tsonga headrest, Southern Africa. Ex Terry Pethica collection UK. Wear to one side of the base otherwise in good condition. Early part 20th century. £1500

  • Headrest. Boni – Somali

    An early example of a Boni headrest without any of the usual decorations. Good form and patina from use and age. Boni. Somalia.H – 15 cm. £320

  • Tsonga headrest.Southern Africa

    Tsonga headrest with one central support decorated with geometric designs on both sides,similar designs on the lugs of either end of the curved support.Ex private collection UK. Early 20th century. H  – 15 cm. £580. Click on image for slide show.

  • Stool. Lozi Zambia

    A small nicely formed stool with a diamond-shaped support Lozi culture. Zambia. Carved in a heavy dense wood with deep lusty patina with traces of red coloring in places. H – 20 cm D – 19.5 cm. £520

  • Rare ceremonial dance stool. Mende

    A fine and rare ceremonial dance stool. Mende culture. Sierra Leone. Fine decorations to the handle and underside of the seat. Beautiful patina and good condition. Ex private collection UK. H – 58 cm (including the stand) £680. Click on image for slide show

  • Mask. Luvale/Lwena.Zambia and Angola

    Fine female mask. Luvale/Lwena.Zambia and Angola border region. Carved from a semi hard brown wood,good wear,fine facial markings. Ex private collection UK. H – 22 cm. £1100. Mounted.Click on image for slide show.

  • Dan mask.IVORY COAST

    Fine Dan mask.Ivory Coast. Beautiful smooth refined features.Ex private collection Netherlands. H – 21 cm. £ 2600. Click on image for slide show.

  • Pende mask.DRC

    A fine western Pende mask. A finely executed mask with heart-shaped face, two curved horns decorated with red and white pigments. Ex private collection Maryland USA Deaccession from the South Carolina Museum. (numbered on the back) First half 20th century. H -31 cm. £3400

  • Lega mask.DRC

    A fine Lega mask. DRC. Heart shaped face with a worn smooth surface. Traces of old pigments around the eyes. Original raffia costume attached. Ex-private collection UK. H – 26 cm. £3200 (on a custom made stand) Click on image for the slide show.

  • Head crest mask. Yoruba

    Early head crest. Yoruba. ‘Egungun’ masks are the spiritual embodiment of the Yoruba ancestors.Placed on top of the head, with fine features,fine coiffure, rounded face decorated with natural pigments with typical Yoruba facial markings.Early 20th century Ex private collection. UK.  H – 27 cm W – 25 cm. £1650. Click on image for slide show

  • Fine Pende mask

    Fine Western Pende mask.DRC. Good expression with extension under the chin. Original costume attached. Ex private collection The Netherlands. £2600. Click on image for slide show  

  • Mask.Tanzania

    Fipa culture. Western Tanzania near to Lake Tanganyika. Powerful expression with the shape of the eyes made from cut out and inserted aluminum sections. Inserted teeth made from pieces of aluminum. Carved from hard brown wood with good signs of use. 1950’s hairstyle. Ex Walter Hekster collection Amsterdam. H -  24 cm. (custom mounted) £1600

  • Kifwebe mask. Luba.DRC

    Fine early Luba Kifwebe mask.DRC. Ex private collection Penn Kent. London.Mr Kent was the ex-governor of the Bank of England late 80′s to 90′s who collected most of his pieces via London auctions and dealers in the 80′- 90’s. Dated 1930’s + – . H – 42 cm.  £5600.


    £2500. Wooden mask in the form of a pangolin. Ekpeye people. Igbo. Nigeria. Headdresses like these are made by members of the Egbukere society, the primary men’s association of the Ekpeye, a people in south eastern Nigeria usually included as a subgroup of the Igbo people. Until at least 1966, the Egbukere society’s major celebration…

  • Animal mask. Makua. Tanzania

    A very unusual animal mask depicting a wild cat or mouse. Makua people, Tanzania. Wooden mask, decorated with red with inserted animal teeth and strands of tiny glass beads below the nose. Ex private German collection. H – 30 cm. £2400


    Fine Guro mask. Ivory Coast. Female face surmounted with two standing figures,male and female.H -  41 cm (excluding display stand) Ex private collection Turin, Italy.£3200

  • Chokwe mask.Angola

    Amazingly powerful old Chokwe/Luvale mask. Angola/Zambia border region. A mask with great zoomorphic primal features (monkey/human) and extensive wear with a sticky oily surface patina. Finely shredded strips of rubber and old glass beads. Ex private collection London. First half 20th century. H -  23 cm . £3800

  • Yoruba Gelede mask.Nigeria

    A fine early Yoruba Gelede mask. Female head surmounted with a pot?. Carved in two pieces, the pot is removable. Coming from a private collection in Italy,was purchased from Arcade Gallery, London 1970’s.  H -  £3200. Click on image for the slid show.

  • Chokwe mask

    Chokwe mask with fine features and facial markings.This Chokwe mask has also some Mbunda characteristics so probably came from the area close to the Zambia and Angola border.  Collected in the 1990’s but circa 1950’s. Carved from a semi-hard brown wood and traces of red pigments. H -  33 cm. £1800 (mounted) Click on image…

  • Terracotta mask. Makonde

    An early ceremonial terracotta mask. Makonde culture. Mozambique. Terracotta shell decorated with natural pigments. Fine facial markings,natural hair and cloth binding. Diameter  -  19 cm. On custom made display stand.Ex private German collection. £1500

  • Mask. Makonde. Tanzania/Mozambique

    Makonde mask. Border region Mozambique and Tanzania. Female mask with a large striking lip adornment and decorated with natural pigments of red,black and white.1st half 20th century. H – 27 cm. £1500. Click on image for slide show.

  • Chewa mask. Malawi

    A mask with wonderful expression. Chewa people.Malawi.Carved from a light wood.Extensive signs of use. Early 20th century.£2400

  • Ceremonial mask. DOE.Tanzania

    A fine old ceremonial mask.Doe or Kwere cultures, coastal region Tanzania. Powerful presence with an unusual parted hairstyle down the center of the mask. Carved from a dense hardwood. H -  36 cm . £3200.On a custom made stand  (click on image for slideshow)

  • Mende mask.Sierra Leone.

    A fine Mende ‘Sowei’ mask. Sierra Leone. Serene expression with fine cross-hatch hairstyle decoration. First half 20th century. H –  45 cm. £3400.Ex European collection. Click on image for slide show.

  • Animal mask. Bambara. Mali

    . A fine animal mask depicting a hyena. The mask has a wonderful primal expression with a errored weathered surface. These features are probably what drew the artist, Herman, to this piece. Bambara culture, Mali. Ex Josef Herman collection . London. L – 45 cm.£3800 (Note photo of the famous artist in his London studio with…

  • Animal mask. Luba

    Baboon mask Luba – DRC Animal mask depicting a fierce baboon Powerful expression Part a series of animal masks that were created by Luba artists around the 1960s and used in traditional dance H – 33 cm £4500

  • Mask. Ngoni culture. Malawi/Tanzania

    A fine Ngoni mask field collected close to the shores of Lake Malawi. Wood decorated with red,white and black pigments. Well worn surface with striking expression. H -30 cm £1800

  • Kete mask.DRC

    A fine Kete mask – Dem. Republic Congo. Mask with powerful expression,fine markings in natural pigments of yellow, white and red. Pointed protruding eyes with metal tips. Ex estate (collection) Penn Kent,London. Ex Lavuun Quackelbeen,Brussels. 1st half 20th century. H – 47 cm. £3800

  • Kuba/Lele mask.DRC

    A fine Kuba/Lele mask (or sub group) DRC. Decorated with aluminum covering eyes and mouth. With the original costume of raffia and animal hair. Ex Belgium private collection .H – 35 cm. £3200

  • Bamileke mask. Cameroon.

    Fine Bamileke mask. Cameroon. This mask was originally purchased from Sotheby’s London in 1979 lot 107 and sold to the owner of the Portal Gallery, London. Then purchased from family by descent. Carved from a heavy hardwood with deep well-used patina. First-quarter 20th century or before. Height – 38 cm.(excluding stand) £3400.Click on image for…

  • Body mask.Makonde

    Body mask. Makonde,Tanzania. Light wood and decorated with natural pigments. Etched and dotted design resembling tattooing on the stomach with finely pointed breasts.1950’s or before. Height  – 49 cm. £3400

  • Makonde ‘mapiko’ mask.Mozambique

    A fine Makonde ‘mapiko’ mask. Collected in the early 1960s by an ex-pat working in Mozambique and then kept in a private collection in the UK.Light wood decorated with yellow pigments with striking facial scarifications. £1650. Click on image for slide show.    

  • Mask Bongo/Dinka. Southern Sudan

    A rare Southern Sudanese mask. Dinka or Bongo,with influences coming from the Zande (Sudan/DRC border region).Field collected personally in the early 1990’s. Carved from a hardwood with teeth inserted made from bamboo. First half 20th century. H –  28 cm. £1800.Click on image for slide show

  • Makonde mask.Mozambique

    Fine and early Makonde mask.Mozambique.Carved with a large lip plate adornment and well-worn surface. Original straps are attached. A piece of animal hide is attached to the head of the mask. Early part 20th century.Ex private collection UK. £1800.Click on image for slide show.

  • Chokwe mask.Angola

    A fine and rare type of Chokwe mask. Carved in a light wood decorated with yellow pigments with unusual facial markings. The headdress is made from bark fiber decorated with natural pigments of yellow. Ex Afrika Museum collection Berg en Dal, The Netherlands.(1960) with original museum documentation. H – 24 cm. £4800