• Female figure.Mossi

    A fine female figure with wonderful abstract proportions. Mossi culture. Burkina Faso. Carved and brown wood with burnt in decorations. First half 20th century. Ex private collection UK. H – 35 cm. £1450 (custom mounted) Click on image for slide show


    An early female Ibegi figure with remains of reckitt’s blue to the crown shaped coiffure.Deep well-handled patina with scarification’s to the chest and breasts. Early 20th century. £780 .Click on image for slide show

  • Tall slender female figure. Laguru, Tanzania

    A female figure with fine slender proportions. Luguru,Tanzania. Carved with the figure holding her navel. Upright stance with legs slightly crouching. Fetish hole to the back side. H – 52 cm. First half 20th century. £1900

  • Standing male figure.Tanzania

    Symbolising rank and prestige,this sculpture depicts a male figure standing on top of a stool,a common characteristic in East African sculpture.Ex private collection UK.Collected in the 1990’s.Deep lusty patina.H 60 cm. £1800

  • Female figure. Lomwe

    Female figure. Lomwe. Mozambique. Female figure with deep scarifications to body and face. 1950’s or before. H – 52 cm. £4800.Click on image for slide show.

  • Mother and child. Kwere. Tanzania

    Mother and child. Kwere culture. Tanzania. Small figure with mother standing upright, pointed breasts with baby on her back. Dark wood with encrusted patina. H – 22 cm (excluding base) £1100. Click on image for slide show.

  • Doll. Tanzania

    Doll. Gourd body with beads,wood and rope decorations. Fipa culture. Western Tanzania. H  – 21 cm. £580


    Female Ibegi figure.Decorated with shells,glass bead strands,metal bangle and metal eyes with remains of reckitt’s blue to the coiffure. Early part 20th century. Ex private European collection. £880. Click on image for slide show.

  • Female figure. Lwena/Chokwe

    Standing figure with the arms clasped behind the shoulders. Brass tacks decorate the face with cross markings on the cheeks,slightly oiling surface patina with good wear from handling.Coming from the Lwena/Chokwe – Angola/ Zambia. Ex Belgium collection. H -  23 cm. £950. Click on image for slide show.

  • Female figure. Kulango. Ivory Coast

    Standing wooden female figure with dark, glossy surface,flat coiffure with a high central crest. Wonderfully executed abstract features of breasts with arms carved in reverse. Beaded girdle at hips consisting of cowrie shells and old glass beads .Ex private collection France. H – 41 cm (excluding base) £4200 . Click on image for slide show.


    Fine ‘Okifa’ figure. Mbole people. DRC. Ex Jo De Buck, Brussels and private collection Germany.H – 30 cm. £4500.Click on image for slideshow.

  • Mother and child.Makonde,Tanzania/Mozambique

    Mother and child figure. Makonde, Mozambique/Tanzania border. Carved from a heavy wood,the mother crouching and holding a pot on her head with her baby strapped to her back.With typical Makonde facial tattooing and decorated with white and blue.H – 50 cm. £2200

  • Ancestral shrine figure.Yoruba.Nigeria

    A very unusual and early figure with a deep oily patina. Carved in a light wood,the figure sweats in warmer temperature. Yoruba. Nigeria. Ex private collection, London. H – 54.5 cm   £6500 .Click on image for slide show.

  • Fine Akuaba doll. Ashante. Ghana

    A fine rare type of Akuaba doll. Ashante. Ghana.Larger in size to the normal Akuaba doll,with extended neck with multiple rings or ridges. Beautifully carved features.Ex Adam Prout. UK. H- 44 cm. Custom mounted.£2800. Click on image for slide show.


    An early female figure. Kanguru culture.Tanzania. The figure standing with the classical pose. Finely sculptured with deep worn patina. Small fetish hole on top of the head and with white glass beaded eyes. The arms are enlarged to give the figure more presence and power. First half 20th century. H –  42 cm.£1500.Click on image…

  • Kuba headrest. DRC

    Fine Kuba headrest. DRC. Ex the late Alain Guisson collection. Brussels. First half 20th century. L -  25 cm H – 17 cm. £750. Click on image for slide show


    Headrest formed from a branch of a tree. Toposa or Lotuko . Southern Sudan. Three supporting legs with beautiful patina. L – 55 cm. £380

  • Headrest. Lotuko. Southern Sudan/Kenyan border

    Headrest/small stool. Lotuko or Toposa. Southern Sudan close to the border with Kenya. Animal-like in form with arched back, three supporting legs with beautiful rich patina. One gets the feeling that the headrest, like an animal, is poised standing still and erect. L – 26 cm H – 17 cm.£420.


    A finely decorated headrest coming from the Hadiya region of South West Ethiopia.Early 20th century or before. Finely engraved decorations.W – 23 cm. £320

  • Headrest. Dinka.Southern Sudan

    Headrest in curved form with multiple supporting legs.Woven leather strap attached.Good condition,nice used patina with no restorations. L – 40 cm. £900. Click on image for slide show.

  • Headrest. Oromo. Ethiopia

    Good quality Oromo headrest. An early Ethiopian headrest with nice form and good condition. Oily used patina. H – 16 cm. L- 17 cm. £380

  • Headrest. Gurage culture. Ethiopia

    A nicely formed Ethiopian headrest coming from the Gurage culture.Double tiered base with fine decorations.Traces of fat (white in colour) on the support and underside.H – 17.5 cm. £450. Click on image for slide show.


    A fine headrest/personal hand shield. Dinka, Southern Sudan.Wood with four inserted legs. Old aluminum decorations with woven cotton army shoulder strap.The underside of the headrest has a handgrip enabling the headrest to act as a small shield-like weapon. L – 40 cm. £850

  • Headrest. Zulu. Southern Africa

    Fine quality and rarer form of a Zulu headrest. Good condition with a lovely patina.Ex private collection Terry and Bernice Pethica. UK. L -  49 cm  £1750. Click on image for slide show.

  • Small stool. Southern Ethiopia border with Northern Kenya

    An unusual small stool with a circular base and two supporting uprights bound with leather strips. Woven animal hide strip attached. Southern Omo Valley region, Ethiopia. H – 14 cm.W – 19 cm. Mid 20th century.£340

  • Headrest.Kaffa culture – Ethiopia

    Headrest.Kaffa culture.Ethiopia. Early 20th century. H – 16 cm – SOLD –

  • Headrest. Rendille.Kenya

    A fine Rendille headrest, Kenya. Carved typically in light wood with curved support. The headrest has been carved with two ‘eyes’ acting as holes for a strap and a supporting central protruding section that cleverly looks like a nose. L -  24 cm H – 16 cm. £420

  • Headrest.Southern Ethiopia

    Headrest with three supporting legs. Bodi, Ethiopia. Snuff contained attached to the woven leather handle. L – 27 cm £380

  • Stool/headrest. Mursi – Southern Ethiopia

    Headrest/stool. Mursi people. Southern Ethiopia. Lovely deep glossy patina with metal stud decorations on the upper. H – 18 cm W 23.5 cm £380.Click on image for slide show.

  • Headrest. Dinka or Lotuko. Southern Sudan

    Headrest made from a natural tree branch and in animal form. Three supporting legs with a ridge running down the underside of the support. Possibly Lotuko or Dinka.Southern Sudan. H – 19 cm. L – 43 cm. £420

  • Headrest Karamajong. Uganda

    Headrest. Karamajong culture.Northern Uganda. Fienly decorated on both supports bound together with leather strap also acting as the handle. Ex private collection UK. H – 16 cm. £340  (click on image for slide show)

  • Fine small stool. Tirma tribe.Ethiopia and Sudan

    A beautifuly formed small stool ,would have once had a leather strap attached to carry. Tirma/Chai – Ethiopia and Sudan. This piece was collected in Ethiopia.Has a lovely smooth shinny patina. Ex Tekalegn Besepa collection – Addis Ababa. H . 14 cm. £380

  • Headrest/stool. Turkana – Northern Kenya

    A large in size Turkana headrest from Northern Kenya. Decorated with small metal pieces along the top rest. Leather strap between the two supports.Good condition.H – 21 cm. £360

  • Headrest. Lotuko. Southern Sudan

    Animal in form and made from a tree branch. Wonderful form and movement with head to one end. Nice patina and good condition. Lotuko culture. Southern Sudan. L – 28 cm. £450 . Click on image for slide show.

  • Ethiopian headrest.Oromo

    Oromo – Ethiopia. 19th century. Made in two pieces with top neckrest support fitting into base. Beautiful form and patina. £340

  • Fine Kaffa headrest.Ethiopia

    Fine Ethiopian headrest. Elegant form with beautiful patina. Kaffa region.South West Ethiopia. Ex-private collection Belgium. 19th century.£580. Click on image for slide show. – ON HOLD –

  • Headrest.Somalia

    A very finely decorated Boni headrest.Somalia.Decorated with very fine designs on both supporting arms,neck support and base.A H – 19 cm. £680 (click for slide show)

  • Headrest.Ethiopia

    Gurage culture. Headrest caved from a dense honey coloured wood. Unusual in the form with angled block-shaped base. H – 18 cm. £260

  • Headrest/stool. Bongo.Sudan.

    A fine zoomorphic headrest/stool coming from the Bongo culture, Southern Sudan.Beautifully curved support on four legs.Nice honey colour patina.Mid 20th century. L -  27 cm H – 18 cm. £650

  • Headrest. Tsonga

    Headrest. Tsonga. Southern Africa. Late 19th century.Good condition and form. L -  18.5 cm. H – 14 cm. £1200