Tribal Perspectives – Oct 2013

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LONDON.- Tribal Perspectives, the UK’s only specialist group gallery show and selling event of tribal and ethnographic art, pops up in Mayfair London for its seventh edition, from Wednesday 2nd to Saturday 5th October 2013. The brainchild of gallerist Bryan Reeves (Tribal Gathering), the event was initiated in 2007 to bring together a group of international dealers whose expertise spans tribal works of art from Oceania, the Americas, Africa and the East. “There were major fairs in the USA and in Europe, but we felt a collective show of international experts in tribal art was needed in London. Many of our UK customers visit Tribal Perspectives, as it is a fun, sociable and effective way to view an extensive variety of works, and to meet and learn from other dealers and experts in the field. But we also attract international collectors of modern and contemporary art who are regular visitors to London and for whom tribal pieces work sculpturally alongside and complementary to their other collections.” Tribal influences are never far from mainstream fashion and contemporary art. Artists such as Picasso, Matisse, Braque and Modigliani were inspired by tribal cultures, and today they are appreciated and their artefacts collected by the designer John Rocha, David Attenborough and Griff Rhys Jones. Exhibited works for sale will include tribal masks, textiles incorporating beading and feathers, and a diverse array of special objects; all are respectfully crafted and many were created for ritualistic or ceremonial use. Jewellery and adornment is an important aspect of tribal art, as are arms and armour. Beaded crowns and shell-work headpieces are shown alongside Aboriginal and African decorated shields. These pieces are appreciated for their visual and sculptural effect as well as their cultural significance. Every item shown at Tribal Perspectives will have been selected by the dealers for its quality and authenticity. As Bryan emphasises: “The pieces exhibited by the dealers at Tribal Perspectives are all original period items made for intentional use, many of them museum-quality. There is a great deal of later work on the market today, not made for use in the tribe but to serve the consumer demands of a tourist trade. However our exhibitors source historic items, often with provenance, collected in the late 19th and first half of the 20th centuries by explorers, scientists and missionaries who would have lived alongside or known the peoples for whom these wonderful objects held great significance.” The Tribal Perspectives event is an important annual focal point of learning, too, as talks and lectures take place during the Fair. Books and specialist publications are available for sale alongside the tribal artefacts. Tribal Perspectives attracts collectors and connoisseurs, the learned and the enthusiastic, travellers and adventurers. Exhibitors in 2013 include: • Chris Boylan – specialist in Oceanic and Aboriginal art, based in Sydney Australia • Wayne Heathcote – leading dealer in Oceanic art, based in the UK • Louis Nierijnck – of Gallery Karavanserai in Maastricht, with tribal art, textiles and adornment from Africa, the Himalaya region and South East Asia • Adam Prout – tribal art and artefacts from all regions of the globe, based in Worcestershire England • Bryan Reeves – organiser of the event and an expert in African tribal art and adornment, based in Notting Hill London • Charles Vernon-Hunt – specialist dealer in tribal art books, based in Portobello Road London • Tribal Art Magazine – the international collectors’ publication

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