Afer 22 years the gallery in Notting Hill will be moving to a new premises this coming autumn.

To lighten our load we have decided to free up some storage space in anticipation for the big move.

All these old friends below in some cases where collected as far back as the 1990′s and have been in storage mostly ever since.

All now reduced by 50% to 75%

Click on images to enlarge and if anything grads your eye just get in contact.  + 44 7939 166148

Note – these pieces will only remain on the site for a limited period

*** This page has just been updated with new findings from the storage ***


Above. Ashante stool.Ghana.First half 20th century.Ex private collection UK. L – 52 cm.Was £850 now £425!

Above. Storage containers. Somalia. L to R – wooden container H 35 cm.Was £280 now £90! Woven container. H – 28cm. Was £240 now £75!

Above. Gourd medicine container. Gourd container and carved wooden stopper.Tanzania.H – 26 cm.Was £580.Now £180!

Above. Mask. Makonde. Tanzania. Mid. 20th century. H – 23 cm. Was £850.Now £380 (missing piece to one ear)

Above. Passport mask.Ivory Coast.Ex private collection Switzerland. H – 19 cm.

Was £950.Now £350! (on custom made stand)

Above. A primitive style chair carved from one piece of wood with three supporting legs. Nice patina and form. Early 20th century.Ethiopia.H – 49 cm. WAS £680 NOW £380!

Above.1. Ceremonial hat. Lega. DRC. H – 18 cm. (£900) now £450!

Wicker frame decorated with old buttons and clam shells

Above.4.Beaded apron. Toposa. Sudan. Old glass beads on animal skin.

H – 43 cm apron.  (£450) now £180! Mounted

Above 5. Hogon’s (priest) necklace. Dogon. Mali.Ex Seward Kennedy coll. UK. L – 50 cm. (£250) now £110 


Above.7.Old Ivory Ekipa. Namibia. L – 6 cm. (£350) now £180!


Above. 11. Rare large ceremonial stool. WaHaha. Tanzania. Ex private collection UK.

H – 40 cm.D – 52 cm   (£850)  now £390 ! 


12. Above. Two rare boer tusk tribal upper arm bands.Southern Sudan.  

Large.L – 18 cm (£490) now £240! Med. L – 15.5 CM (£320) now £150 


13. Above.A fine ivory chieftains rattle. Toposa. Southern Sudan. L – 9 cm  (£350) now £175 !

16. Above. A unusual large traditional medicine container. One large gourd with smaller gourds attached.Decorated with old glass beads Old metal bell attached.Surmounted with a wooden stopper with a carved bird as protection. H – 38 cm (£850) £350 now !



18.Above. Unusual Ethiopian headrest. Gurage culture. 19th century.Ex private collection UK. H – 16 cm (£250) now £110! – SOLD-

24.Above. Axe/currency. PNG. Stone blade with binding and wooden handle.

Ex private collection UK. (£450) now £90!



25.Above. Fine chieftains hat. Kuba culture.Congo.

Ex Baptist missionary collection (see label attached) (£420) now £150! with display stand



Above.28. Old finely decorated combs.Left to right.

Ashante Ghana. L – 19 cm  (£180) now £90!

Ahante Ghana.L 28 cm (£280) now £120!

Tanzanian.. L 20 cm. (£380) now £150!

Above.29. Headrest. Tsonga. Southern Africa.

Ex private collection UK. H – 12 cm. (£850) now £420!

Above.30.Headrest/stool in zoomorphic form.

Southern Sudan. L – 31 cm. (£280) now £110

Above.32. Hogon’s (priests) necklace. Dogon. Mali.Ex Seward Kennedy coll. UK. L – 50 cm. (£250) now £110 


Above.34.Rare ceremonial head adornment. Makonde. Mozambique.

Feathers fixed to a wicker frame with a strip of glass beads.D- 75 cm. (£750) now £280! (comes mounted on display board) 


Above.42. Large mother and child ceremonial figure. Sukuma. Tanzania.

First half 20th century. Field collected late 1990′s

H – 144 cm. (£4200) now £450!!


Above.43. Chieftans pipe with carved head. Kaguru. Tanzania. L -  18 cm (£580) now £250!



Above.49. Old West African ivory bangle. Fine crackled surface from age. (£450) now £150 !




Above.54. Rare long blow horn.Uganda. Wood covered with animal skin. Field collected 1990′s.

L – 110 cm (£650) now £180!


Above.55. Dance mask. Bete. Ivory Coast. Field collected 1990′s. Ex private collection Abidjan. 

(£1500) now £420! 

Above. Bronze processional piece.Dahomey.West Africa. 1950′s. Depicting a porter carrying a basket on his head with a pig inside.H – 15 cm.L – 14 cm.Was £450.Now £150!

Above. Old ceremonial dance mask. DRC. Field collected in the 1990′s.H – 60 cm (as on display stand) Was £1400.Now £450!

Above.Breast adornment. Central highlands. PNG. H – 46 cm. Was £900. Now £350!

Above. Maternity figure. Luguru. Tanzania. H – 33cm. Was £850. Now £390!