• Mask in the form of a Pangolin

    The Egbukere was a major cultural masked celebration.The dancers wore a huge variety of head dresses,from fish to mammal to human….The pangolin ‘akwerekwa’ would appear from the forest in the late afternoon imitating the actions of the blacksmith who he represents in the animal world. Ex private coll. France. £5200

  • Bamileke mask

    A early 20th century Bamileke mask with great expression. This mask was originally purchased from Christies London in 1974 and then held until recently in a private collection in London. Height – 38 cm. £3700  

  • Bambara animal mask

    Fine early Bambara animal mask depicting a hyena. Mali. Weather surface, wonderful wild animal expression. Holes to the lower jaw and side of mask. Ex Joseph Herman collection UK. First half 20th century. Price on request. CBCGEOO

  • Kifwebe mask

    Fine Kifwebe mask. Luba/Songye.DRC. Ex private collection Penn Kent. London. Purchased gallery Galerie Walu,Zurich 2001. H- 42 cm. BTGEHOO. Price on request

  • Luvale/Lwena mask

    Female mask. Luvale/Lwena.Zambia. Good expression with fine facial markings. Ex private collection UK.First half 20th century. H – 22 cm. £1200

  • Sickness mask

    A rare Makonde sickness or deformity mask. Tanzania and Mozambique. H – 22 cm. £900

  • Fine Yoruba mask

    A fine and unusual Yoruba mask.Nigeria. The mask with large nose and protruding eyes.Great expression with typical Yoruba scarification’s either side of the cheeks. Decorated with early red pigments.Well used mask, first half 20th century.H – 24 cm. BCGCDOO. £2800


  • Title staff

    Title staff. Gogo people.Tanzania.Staffs like this were carried by elders as a symbol of rank and prestige.Dense wood with lusty patina.First half 20th century.Ex private collection UK.H – 48 cm. £560

  • Ikul knife. Kuba

    A fine ‘ikul’ knife. Kuba. DRC. Finely decorated wooden handle of tiny pieces of metal inlay and with leaf shaped blade. Early 20th century. H – 15 cm. Custom mounted. £450

  • Spoon

    A fine ivory spoon.Bwani society, Lega. DRC. Early 20th century.Ex private collection Belgium. H – 10 cam. £1200

  • Ritual knife

    A fine ivory knife with figurative handle. Early 20th century. DRC. H – 8 cm. £850

  • Hunters fetish

    A traditional hunters fetish. Mali. Worn with one of the metal rings through the wrist and carried as a fly wisp such pieces were carried as a form of protection from harmful spirits. Metal rings, leather pouches and charms covering fetish material, fly wisp made of animal’s hair. £450. Comes with display stand.

  • Early house post

    A fine early wooden house post. Gurage  – Ethiopia. 19th century, with phallic symbols at the top.Used as a decorative house post positioned in the entrance inside a traditional Gurage dwelling. Height 1.8 meters.19th century. £900 with custom made mount.

  • Three forked ‘Oule Sheikh Hussein’ pilgrimage staffs

    Group of three ‘Oule Sheikh Hussein’ pilgrimage staffs.With typical forked form, these staffs were carried during a pilgrimage in the Ethiopian highlands, the forked staff was symbolic to show the carried was on this sacred rite and when needed should be offered hospitality.750 pounds set of three as mounted. – £750

  • fINE canoe prow

    This fantastic canoe prow comes from the Lower Sepik River region.It is pre-contact period, early 20th century. The form of the prow is of a crocodile head, at the back end sits a guardian figure.Above his head is an abstract crocodile figure.Both sides are finely decorated.Length –  150 cm. Price on request.

  • East African comb

    Comb, Tanzanian. Carved in a brown hard wood surmounted with a standing female figure with one arm holding her breast and the other holding her stomach. The comb shows good signs of use and handling over time.H -20cm. £550

  • Granary Door lock

    Wooden door lock depicting a crocodile (a symbol of protection).Bambara culture – Mali.Full length crocodile figure with fine criss cross decorations.The lock comes with the wooden cross hatch (not shown in the photo) Mid 20th cent.H – 55cm. On display stand. £850

  • Village scene.Oil on board

    Early oil on board painted in naive style.Signed by artist,possibly of Congo origin due to its style.In original frame of the same period.44 x 54cm.£850  

  • African river scene

    Oil on board by Godfrey A Okiki.Born 1940. (Signed lower right) Nigeria. Ex propery of a gentleman,UK. H X W 96 x 96 cm. Price on request

  • Staff with abstract buffalo head

    Staff of importance coming from northern Malawi.The form of the root stock head is in the shape of a abstract buffalo.Ex Jonathan Lowen collection UK. £750

  • Tall drum

    A fantastic old ceremonial drum decorated with a striking circle and dot design around its body.Drums of this form are typically found in the border region of Tanzania and Mozambique and are used during tribal dance ceremonies.Still in good condition with no damage to its original skin.Early 20th cent.Height – 135cm. £1200

  • Ceremonial knife

    Ceremonial knife.’Poto’ Doko culture – DRC. Early 20th cent. H -62 cm. £850

  • Woven screen. Tutsi

    A finely woven household screen. Tutsi culture, Rwanda. Consisting of finely woven grass strands of black and natural colors, woven onto a frame made from strips of bamboo. Mid 20th century. 62 x 62 cm.  £900

  • East African game board

    A fine tall and well used game board consisting of four rows with cups either end. Wonderful worn patina and form.Tanzanian coastal region. Early 20th century. Height 120 cm. Sold

  • igbo Door

    A fine portal door with attractive circular designs. Igbo,Nigeria.Important doors like this were placed at the entrance to meeting compounds belonging to families of higher rank amongst the Igbo culture. Carved in a heavy red wood ‘oji or iroko’.Early 20th century. Ex private collection UK.  46 x 98 cm.  CBGBHOO. Price on request

  • Cutting board

    A fine early Garage cutting board.Circa early 20th century, from central Ethiopia with good form and age.Abstract animal features, the pointed edges representing cow udders with four ‘legs’ two top and top bottom.Carved from one piece of heavy wood. Height  -  55cm.Price  - £580


    House posts were used to partition areas in a traditional dwelling. Gurage culture, Ethiopia. Wood,early 20th century. These types of posts would have been positioned in the ground , they then acted as a form of room/space divider. The forms are thought to represent abstract human figures. H – 205 cm and 170 cm.£950, £750

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