• Makonde ‘mapiko’ mask.Mozambique

    A fine Makonde ‘mapiko’ mask. Collected in the early 1960s by an ex-pat working in Mozambique and then kept in a private collection in the UK.Light wood decorated with yellow pigments with striking facial scarifications. £1650. Click on image for slide show.    

  • Mask Bongo/Dinka. Southern Sudan

    A rare Southern Sudanese mask. Dinka or Bongo,with influences coming from the Zande (Sudan/DRC border region).Field collected in the 1990’s. Carved from a hard wood with teeth inserted made from bamboo. H –  28 cm. £1800

  • Makonde mask.Mozambique

    Early Makonde mask.Mozambique.Carved with a large lip plate adornment and with a well-worn surface. Original straps to fasten the mask are still attached. A piece of animal hide is attached to the head of the mask. Early part 20th century.Ex private collection UK. £1800

  • Chokwe mask.Angola

    A fine and rare type of Chokwe mask. Carved in a light wood decorated with yellow pigments with unusual facial markings. The headdress is made from bark fiber decorated with natural pigments of yellow. Ex Afrika Museum collection Berg en Dal, The Netherlands.(1960) with original museum documentation. H – 24 cm. £5400

  • Fine staff handle. Luba? DRC

    A fine ivory fly wisp or staff handle depicting a figure of Madonna. Early 20th century. Dem. Republic of Congo. Ex-private collection UK. H – 10 cm. £780


    An early female figure. Kanguru culture.Tanzania. The figure standing with the classical pose. Finely sculptured with deep worn patina. Small fetish hole on top of the head and with white glass beaded eyes. The arms are enlarged to give the figure more presence and power. First half 20th century. H –  42 cm.£1500.Click on image…

  • Ancestral figure.Tanzania

    Fine old ancestral figure. Sagara culture. Tanzania. Seated female figure with upright posture, movable arms with a weathered patina. First half 20th century.H – 67 cm £1600. (traditional restoration to leg)

  • FEMALE fetish FIGURE.Kusu

    Fine female fetish figure. Kusu. DRC. Wood with animal skin attachment.First half 20th century. Ex-private collection UK. H –  27 cm. £ 1450.Click on image for slide show.


    In Nigeria, the Egbukere was a major cultural masked celebration.The dancers wore a huge variety of headdresses, from fish to mammal to human….The pangolin ‘akwerekwa’ would appear from the forest in the late afternoon imitating the actions of the blacksmith who he represents in the animal world. Ex private coll. France. £4500

  • calabash medicine container.Tanzania

    An old gourd medicine container with carved wooden stopper.The container is decorated with strands of old red and white glass beads.The head has white glass beaded eyes and fine strands of transparent beads. Laguru tribe – Tanzania.Price  – £650

  • Mother and child fragment.Lobi.

    An early fragment of a mother with a child on her back. Possibly of Lobi people, Burkina Faso.Ex Belgium private collection.H – 12 cm. Medium density wood with smooth black patina. Traces of burnt areas.Early 20th century. £580. Click on image for slide show.

  • Large prestige stool.Bamelike.Cameroon

    A very large and impressive prestige stool. Bamelike,Cameroon. A group of six buffalo’s supporting a flat circular base. Carved from one piece with a deep lusty patina. Early 20th century. Ex private collection UK. H- 40 cm  D – 56 cm. £1600

  • Stool. Lozi. Zambia

    An unusual Lozi stool with a central ‘x’ shaped support that resembles an abstract figure with arms raised. Supported by two ‘v’ shaped columns. Carved from a dense brown wood with smooth worn patina. Large in size H – 33 cm. D – 30 cm. £ 350

  • LARGE 19th century high backed ETHIOPIAN chair

    A large and unusual late 19th century Ethiopian high backed throne. Coming from the Jimma region. Carved from a heavy brown wood, supported by three curved legs with a rare cutout cross design on the backrest. Nice shiny patina and in good condition. H – 101 cm. W – 57 cm. £1900. Click on image…

  • Early 20th century Ethiopian chair

    Small to medium in size with three supporting legs.Attractive cut out design on the back support. Good condition with deep lusty patina. H – 70 cm. £850. Click on image for slide show.

  • Stool. Ashante. Ghana

    Ashante stool.Large in size. Early 20th century in good condition, well-used surface with dark patina. Attractive double-sided support with a bird motif. H – 48 cm L – 57 cm. £750

  • Fine Congo stool

    Stool. Luba/Zela (or related people) DRC. A powerful female figure with arms raised supporting the seat platform. Carved from a dense wood.The figure has scarification markings and aluminum inserted eyes. Ex private German collection. H – 35 cm. First half 20th century. Price – £2800.Click on image for slide show.

  • Ethiopian chair.Early 20th century

    Ethiopian high backed chair. Small in size with wooden sections joined together in parts. Beautiful overall deep glossy patina with attractive decorations to all sides. Gurage culture.Early 20th century. Ex-private collection London.H – 70 cm x 34 cm x 33 cm. £780.Click on image for slide show


    A rare type of stool symbolising rank and title. Hehe tribe. Iringa region. Tanzania. Early 20th century. H -40 cm D – 51 cm. £650

  • Stool. Ashante. Ghana

    A fine and large Ashante stool. Ghana. Early 20th century. Central support carved on one side with 3 elephants and the other a bird on top of 2 elephants. Carved from a hard brown wood, good condition with lovely patina. H – 58 cm L – 53 cm. £950

  • Stool.Uganda

    A finely cast bronze pendant, Baule. Ivory Coast .Ex Seward Kennedy collection London. 7 cm x 4.5 cm. £580 Mounted.Click on image for slide show

  • Small Ethiopian chair. 19th century

    A fine and nicely formed small high backed Ethiopian chair. Beautiful patina with curved back support.Unusual and attractive cut out decoration on the back support.Three supporting legs.Late 19th to early 20th century. H – 69 cm. £750. Click on image for slide show.

  • Stool. Mangbetu. Congo

    A nicely balanced small prestige stool with good form and patina. Mangbetu culture. DRC. Early 20th century. H – 23 cm. D – 31.5 cm. £780. Good condition no restorations or repairs.Ex private collection UK. Click on image for slide show

  • Stool. Bamileke

    A fine prestige stool. Bamileke, Cameroon.  Ex private collection UK.H –  42 cm. £950 (click on image for slide show)

  • Small zoomorphic stool

    A nicely balanced Lobi stool. Burkina Faso. Early 20th century. L – 42 cm. H – 22.5 cm. £450


    A rare ceremonial dance stool. Mende. Sierra Leone. Beautiful patina with fine markings and decorations.Early 20th century.Ex private collection UK. H- 51 cm. £450

  • Small elder’s Stool.Kenya

    An small elders stool with a finely decorated twisted wire top. Kamba people, Kenya. With three supporting legs in good overall condition.Early 20th century. Diameter 27 cm H 16 cm.£420

  • Large throne/chair. Late 19th century.ETHIOPIAN

    A rare form of Ethiopian high backed chair with four supporting legs,large in form.Carved from a very dense dark wood. Lovely patina, comfortable to sit in. H – 98 cm. Seat diameter -60 cm. Late 19th century.£2200

  • 19th century chair.Ethiopia

    A low chair carved from one piece of a hard brown wood. Has a beautiful rippled surface on the seat as a result of extensive use over the years.Three supporting legs with upright stilts at the base of the seat. Medium in size. Diameter  – 45 cm. £650

  • Beaded ceremonial skirt.Iraqw.Tanzania

    A  rare beaded skirt from the Iraqw culture – Tanzania.Early part 20th cent.Made from animal hide and decorated in an abstract design with small glass beads. Made during the young girl’s initiation ‘Marmo’ and worn during their coming out and rebirth ceremony,the girls entrance into womanhood. Length  – 1.1 m approx. £3500-  Mounted  

  • Beaded skirt. Iraqw people.Tanzania

    A  rare beaded skirt from the Iraqw culture – Tanzania.Early part 20th cent.Made from animal hide and decorated in an abstract design with small glass beads. Made during the young girl’s initiation ‘Marmo’ and worn during their coming out and rebirth ceremony….the girls entrance into womanhood. Length  – 1.2m approx. £2800. Mounted

  • Beaded bag.Toposa.Southern Sudan

    An attractive beaded bag. Toposa. Southern Sudan. Fine rows of glass beads and cowrie shells are sown onto a leather backing. Comes mounted on a display board.£450

  • Beaded apron.Toposa

    A fine beaded apron. Toposa tribe, South Sudan.Glass beads in bands of black, orange, red, and yellow attractively sown onto a strip of animal hide. Custom mounted.£480

  • Beaded neck adornment and apron. Pokot. Kenya

    A very finely beaded girls neck adornment/collar with matching apron. Pokot tribe northern Kenya.The apron is finely beaded back and front.It has two strands of beads that would have looped over the shoulders to give it support. Given as a bridal gift as a symbol of wealth. Mid 20th cent.Price  – £750. Mounted

  • House post. Gurage culture.19th century Ethiopia

    A fine, rare in form, wooden house post. Gurage  – Ethiopia. 19th century, with phallic symbols at the top. Used as a decorative house post positioned in the entrance inside a traditional Gurage dwelling. Height 1.8 meters.19th century. With custom made mount. £1100

  • Female fetish figure. Fipa,Tanzania

    Fetish figure. Fipa culture,Lake Tanganyika region,Tanzania.Figure standing upright with legs slightly bent,both arms resting on her stomach. Fetish cavity in the stomach covered with a mirror and loose beads.Another fetish cavity with a broken horn at the top of the head. Decorated with stands of early beads.H – 31 cm. £850

  • Lega mask.DRC

    A fine Lega mask. DRC. Heart shaped face with a worn smooth surface. Traces of old pigments around the eyes. Original raffia costume attached. Ex-private collection UK. H – 26 cm. £3200 (on a custom made stand) Click on image for the slide show.


    A fine 19th prestige blade. Topoke culture.Congo. Iron blade with thick metal handle bound in fine strips of copper and white metal.Blade decorated with fine designs. Found in Kempton Market London. H – 40 cm. £780

  • Cutting board. Gurage. Ethiopia

    A fine early cutting board with great form,coming from the Gurage culture.Wonderful abstract animal features, the pointed edges are thought to represent cow udders with legs to the top and bottom.Height  – 55 cm.Price  – £580.Click on image for slide show.

  • Granary door lock. Mali

    Wooden door lock depicting a crocodile, a symbol of protection. Bambara culture. Mali.Full-length crocodile with fine decorations.Mid 20th cent.H – 55 cm. On display stand. £850