• Chokwe mask.Angola

    A fine and rare type of Chokwe mask.Light wood decorated with yellow pigment with striking and unusual facial markings. The headdress is made from bark fiber decoarted with natural pigments. Ex Afrika Museum collection Berg en Dal,Netherlands.(1960) H – 24 cm. Price on request.

  • Head crest mask.Yoruba

    ‘Egungun’ masks are the spiritual embodiment of the Yoruba ancestors.The mask ,placed on top of the head, has very fine features,fine coiffure, rounded face with typical Yoruba facial markings.Early 20th century Ex private coll. UK. £1800

  • C.Small fetish mask. Makonde

    A fine small female fetish mask.Makonde – Tanzania. Carved in a light wood with traces of white kaolin decorating the face.Fetish hole at the top of the head.1950′s.H – 16cm .£750.

  • Animal mask

    A early wooden ceremonial dance mask depicting a wild dog. Makua and Yao people, Tanzania    H – 17 cm. Ex private coll. Walter Hekster. Netherlands.Published. Yale GVR no. 0077943.£1850

  • Old Makonde mask

    A very expressive and early Makonde mask.The mask has a large lip plate and well worn surface.Original straps to fasten the mask are still attached.A piece of animal hide is attached to the head of the mask.Early part 20th century.Ex private collection UK. £2200

  • Mask.Chewa.Malawi

    A early dance mask from the Chewa tribe – Malawi.This mask has a great expression with wrinkles under the eyes and forehead..Carved from a light wood.Early to mid 20th century.Price on request  AHEO

  • Sukuma mask

    A fine early Sukuma mask – Tanzania.Carved from a dense brown hard wood and decorated with red colouring.Inserted wooden teeth with elongated features. Well used mask with powerful expression.Height  - 34cm. Price on request.

  • Body mask.Tanzania

    Body mask –  Makonde. Light wood and coloured with natural pigments. Etched and dotted design resembling tattooing on the stomach with fine pointed breasts . A well used mask used during the dance to celebrate the girls initiation into woman hood.1950′s or before. Height  - 49cm. £2800

  • Pwevo mask.Angola/Zambia

    Fine old ‘Pwevo’ mask with predominately  Chokwe features but also elements of Mbunda influence.Angola and Zambia border region, Ref. page  132 ‘Makishi Lya Zambia’ by Manuel Jordan for similar example. H –  33 cm. £1500


    A rare earlier mask coming from Southern Sudan.Thought to be Dinka,with influence coming from possibly the Zande {Sudan/DRC border region}.The mask was field collected in 1997/98 when it directly came out of Sudan into Uganda.Field notes at the time from previous owner refer it as being Dinka. H –  28cm. Early 20th century. £1800

  • Old Chewa mask .Malawi

    Very early and powerful dance mask, Chewa  -  Malawi. Wood,showing extensive signs of use and age. Eroded surface with nails  on top and around the sides of the masks.Large circular ears,common in other East African masks.Late 19th cent. £1600

  • Makonde Terracotta mask.Mozambique and Tanzania

    Ceremonial fetish mask in terracotta. Makonde  - Mozambique/ Tanzania.Doubled faced with fine decorations.Used in initiation dance ceremonies where the dancer would carry such a mask and after place it on the ground, it would then become a central part of the ceremony.1950′s.£900

  • Kete mask.DRC.

    A fine Kuba Kete mask – DRC. The mask has a powerful expression with fine markings in natural pigments. Ex private collection London and Brussels. Price on request.

  • Makonde mask

    Helmet style mask. Makonde. Tanzania and Mozambique.  H –  30 cm. £1200

  • o.Fetish mask.DRC

     A early fetish mask – Luba ,DRC. Small wooden mask adorned with forest snail shells, metal rings, feathers and raffia.H 22 cm. £900

  • .Animal mask.Luba . DRC

    Luba baboon mask.Light wood,bird features and fiber costume.The Luba are known for creating a variety of animal masks around the middle part of last century up to the 1970′s.Ref. to ‘Luba Zoo’ a publication on Luba style masks.These mostly captured animals of the forest . £2800

  • Animal mask.East Africa

    A early animal mask (goat) Makura – Mtwara region,Tanzania.The Makua, neighbours to the Makonde,are prolific carvers of animal masks in particular.They,like the Makonde, regularly danced with animal masks as a form of entertainment and to celebrate important occasions. This mask,carved from balsa wood with obvious signs of regular use over time. H 50 cm.£1400.

  • Punu mask

    A fine early Punu mask.Gabon. Ex Gallery Flak Paris 2001 and private collection Pen Kent, London. First half 20th century.H – 31 cm .SDCGEOO. Price on request.

  • Mende mask

    A fine Mende ‘Sowei’ mask. Sierra Leone. Serene expression with fine cross hatch hair style decoration. First half 20th century. H –  45 cm. £3800

  • Old Sukuma mask. Tanzania

    A very early ceremonial dance mask – Sukuma,Tanzania.Carved from a very hard dense brown wood.The mask has powerful primitive qualities with extensive use. H – 33 cm. £2200

  • Pende mask

    Pende mask DRC with original costume. Ex private collective Netherlands. £3200

  • Ekpeye horizontal mask in the form of a Pangolin. Igbo.Nigeria

    The Egbukere was a major cuiltural masked celebration.The dancers wore a huge variety of head dresses,from fish to mammal to human….The pangolin ‘akwerekwa’ would appear from the forest in the late afternoon imitating the actions of the blacksmith who he represents in the animal world. Ex private coll. Price on request.

  • Bamileke mask. Cameroon

    A early 20th century Bamileke mask with great expression. This mask was originally purchased from Christies London in 1974 and then held until recently in a private collection in London. Height – 38 cm. Price on request.  

  • Bambara animal mask.Ex Joseph Herman collection

    Fine early Bambara animal (hyena) mask. Mali. Weather and worn surface, wonderful wild animal expression. Holes to the lower jaw and side of mask. This piece originally came from the important tribal collection belonging to Joseph Herman. First half 20th century. Price on request. CBCGEOO

  • Kifwebe mask. DRC

    Fine Kifwebe mask. Luba/Songye.DRC. Ex private collection Penn Kent. London. Purchased gallery Galerie Walu,Zurich 2001. H- 42 cm. £5800

  • Luvale/Lwena mask.Zambia/Angola

    Female mask. Luvale/Lwena.Zambia. Good expression with fine facial markings. Ex private collection UK.First half 20th century. H – 22 cm. £1250

  • Makonde sickness mask

    A rare Makonde sickness or deformity mask. Tanzania and Mozambique. H – 22 cm. £1250

  • Lega mask.Dem Rep. Congo

    A fine Lega mask ‘lukwakongo’ .Bwani society. DRC. Carved in a typical light wood,burnt through holes with traces of white powder and good signs of handling and use.This mask came with its own woven fibre shoulder bag for safe keeping and ceremonial use. (bag is included) Ex private coll. UK. H –  15 cm. £1500

  • Fine Yoruba mask

    A fine and unusual Yoruba mask.Nigeria. The mask with large nose and protruding eyes.Great expression with typical Yoruba scarification’s either side of the cheeks. Decorated with early red pigments.Well used back with some missing parts at the sides as a result of a lot of use.H – 24 cm. BCHAHOO. £2400


  • Title staff. Tanzania.

    Title staff. Gogo people.Tanzania.Staffs like this were carried by elders as a symbol of rank and prestige.Dense wood with lusty patina.First half 20th century.Ex private collection UK.H – 48 cm. £560

  • Pipe – Zulu

    A long slender pipe -Zulu.Southern Africa,Circa – early part 20th century.Comes presented on custom made stand.In good condition.Price  -  £450.Length 34 cm

  • Hunters fetish. Mali

    A traditional hunters fetish. Mali. Worn with one of the metal rings through the wrist and carried as a fly wisp such pieces were carried as a form of protection from harmful spirits. Metal rings,leather pouches and charms covering fetish material,fly wisp of  animal hair.Mid 20th century or before. £450. Comes with display stand.

  • Early traditional Ethiopian house post – Gurage culture

    A fine early wooden house post.Gurage  – Ethiopia. 19th century, with good patina and fine line etched decorations running the length of the post. Used as a decorative house post positioned in the entrance inside a traditional Gurage dwelling. Height 210 cm. £1200

  • Early Gurage [Ethiopia] house post with phallic form.

    A fine early wooden house post. Gurage  – Ethiopia. 19th century, with phallic symbols at the top.Used as a decorative house post positioned in the entrance inside a traditional Gurage dwelling. Height 1.8 meters.19th century. £900 with custom made mount.

  • Three forked ‘Oule Sheikh Hussein’ pilgrimage staffs

    Group of three ‘Oule Sheikh Hussein’ pilgrimage staffs.With typical forked form these staffs where carried during pilgrimage in the Ethiopian highlands,the forked staff was symbolic to show the carried was on this sacred rite and when needed should be offered hospitality.750 pounds set of three as mounted. – £750

  • Pair of late 19th to early 20th century wooden sandals. Ethiopia

    Paid of wooden sandals.Worn as a symbol of status. Ethiopian. L –  27.5cm . £340 pair

  • fINE canoe prow – PNG

    This fantastic canoe prow comes from the Lower Sepik River region.It is pre contact period, early 20th century. The form of the prow is of a crocodile head,at the back end sits a guardian figure.Above his head is a abstract crocodile figure.Both sides are finely decorated.Length –  150 cm. Price on request. BNDHEOO

  • East African comb

    Comb, Tanzanian. Carved in a brown hard wood surmounted with a standing female figure with one arm holding her breast and the other holding her stomach. The comb shows good signs of use and handling over time.H -20cm. £550

  • Granary Door lock. Bambara – Mali

    Wooden door lock depicting a crocodile (a symbol of protection).Bambara culture – Mali.Full length crocodile figure with fine criss cross decorations.The lock comes with the wooden cross hatch (not shown in the photo) Mid 20th cent.H – 55cm. On display stand. £850