• 57.Old female figure.Mende – Sierra Leone

    A fine tall upright female figure with typical Mende features – elaborate coiffure,long neck and small head.Powerful chest,shoulders and arms.Deep patina.Ex private collection UK.Height  - 60cm. £2400 – now £1500

  • Headrest. Bale – Ethiopia

    A early and finely decorated Bale style headrest. Bale province, south eastern Ethiopia. This is one or the rarer styles of Ethiopian headrests. It has good form and patina. £380

  • Headrest. Afar -Ethiopia

    A fine Afar headrest with unusual decorations and central form. Nice form and patina. Height -  16.5 cm. Wide – 12.5 cm. £290

  • Headrest. Ethiopia

    Oromo. Ethiopia. Carved from a heavy wood with deep worn patina. H -  16  cm. £220

  • Headrest

    A fine northern Kenyan headrest with elongated curved support and three supporting legs. Length – 30 cm. £350

  • Headrest – Ethiopia

    Sidama. Ethiopia. Late 19th century. Beautiful patina. Dense wood.H – 15 cm L – 21 cm. £340

  • Headrest. Ethiopia

    Ethiopian headrest with elegant form and with fantastic patina.H – 12 cm. £350

  • Headrest

    Gurage. Ethiopia. Carved from one solid block with curved neck support. The neckrest tappers in nicely to the base,what is more unusual with this neckrest is the depth of the band or ring at the lower section. 19th century.  H – 17 cm. £250

  • Headrest.Afar

    Afar. Ethiopia. Rare form of Afar headrest nearly animal in form. Carved with four splayed supporting legs (rare with Afar headrests) with fine crisscross decorations. Length -  21.5 cm. £270

  • Headrest – Ethiopia

    Oromo – Ethiopia. 19th century. Made in two pieces with top neckrest support fitting into base. Beautiful patina. £340

  • Headrest – Ethiopia

    Afar region. Ethiopia. 19th to early 20th century. H – 15 cm L – 15.5 cm. £250

  • Small stool/headrest – Kenya

    Northern Kenya border region with Ethiopia. L – 20 cm. H -16.5 cm. Nice patina. £350

  • Headrest. Tellem

    Headrest. Tellem, Mali. H – 18 cm L – 20 cm. £580

  • Headrest. Tellem – Mali

    Tellem headrest. Mali. With three upright supports, encrusted surface patina. Missing piece to base. H – 13 cm L 24 cm. £550

  • 65. Large headrest. Dassanech – Ethiopia

    Large wing shaped headrest from the Lake Turkana region Ethiopia & Kenya. Unusual in form with three curved supporting columns,cup shaped base with leather holding strap.The up turned & arched curved support has a traditional restoration with aluminum rivets.A headrest  large in form with good patina & age.L 29cm H  - 20cm.Price  -  £420

  • 33.Tall drum. Makonde/Mozambique – Tanzania

    A fantastic old ceremonial drum decorated with a striking circle and dot design around its body.Drums of this form are typically found in the border region of Tanzania and Mozambique and are used during tribal dance ceremonies.Still in good condition with no damage to its original skin.Early 20th cent.Height – 135cm. £1200

  • 4. Chiefs stool – Tanzania

    A rare type of chieftains stool collected from the Wagogo of southern Tanzania.The complex style of stool signifies that it was only used by a person of high rank,elders or a chief.Carved from one piece of hard wood with fine etching designs around each supporting column. Pre 1940′s. Price  - SOLD-

  • 71.Small Ethiopian chair

    A lovely small early Ethiopian chair with a lot of presence.Turn of last century,carved from one piece with a beautiful worn patina.Height  - 67cm.Price – £680

  • 3. Chiefs stool – Ashante

    A fine and rare type of Ashante stool,Ghana. Pre 1940′s.Unusually decorated on both sides with four snakes that would have acted as a form of protection to the sitting chief.Ex private collection UK.Length – 48cm. Price  - £850

  • 47.Cutting board – Ethiopia

    A fine early Garage cutting board.Circa early 20th century, from central Ethiopia with good form and age.Abstract animal features, the pointed edges representing cow udders with four ‘legs’ two top and top bottom.Carved from one piece of heavy wood. Height  -  55cm.Price  - £580

  • If you need more images,prices or details on any piece please don’t hesitate to make contact via the ‘contact’ page.  Please note.Pieces shown on this page do not represent the full range of pieces available.Please enquire if you interested in seeing other items in the collection.