• Ancestral figure

    Fine old ancestral figure. Sagara. Tanzania.Seated female figure with upright posture, weather patina and movable arms.First half 20th century.H – 67 cm £1900


    A early female figure.Kaguru – Tanzania. The figure standing with classical pose.A finely sculptured maternity figure with deep worn patina.Small fetish hole on top of the head and with white glass beaded eyes. The arms are enlarged to give the figure more presence and power.Early 20th century. H –  42 cm. CBCAHOO. £1900

  • FEMALE fetish FIGURE

    Fine female fetish figure. Kusu. DRC. First half 20th century. Ex-private collection UK. H –  27 cm. £ 1600

  • Mother and child figure

    A fine early mother and child figure. Kamba, Kenya. The first half of the 20th century. A mother sitting on a small stool with a baby on her back. Height – 30 cm. £850

  • Nyamwezi figure

    Fine early fetish figure. Nyamwezi – Tanzania.The figure has great balance and expression.Ex-private collection Netherlands. H – 39 cm. Price on request.

  • Early Makonde female figure

    A fine early female figure.Mozambique. A woman with one hand balancing a pot on her head.The female figure has fine facial scarification’s,typical to the Makonde & a wonderful worn surface patina.Carved from a dense brown wood & decorated in parts (base) with red paint. 1st half 20th cent. H 80 cm. £1600


  • headrest A

    A Tsonga headrest with single central upright support decorated with a series of finely decorated rectangular designs.These designs are also represented on each of the downturned lugs.The Early part of the 20th century. Height 16 cm.Price  -  £650

  • Headrest B

    An early Dinka headrest, curved in form with a woven leather strap. The structure of the headrest is carved with downturned and upturned ‘lugs’ thought to represent a cow’s udder. The headrest has a deep well-used patina on the surface.Length 46.5 cm. price  - £950 -


    A fine headrest/personal hand shield. Dinka, Southern Sudan.Wood with four inserted legs. Old aluminium decorations with woven cotton army shoulder strap.The underside of the headrest has a hand grip enabling the headrest to act as a small shield like weapon. L – 40 cm. £950

  • headrest D

    The ‘head’ is decorated with the ends of bullet shells.There is a large brass bullet shell protruding from one side. The chain that supports the shoulder strap is attached to a brass wire & bent to form the shape of two ‘ears’ . First half 20th century. L  43 cm .£750

  • headrest E

    A fine early Dinka headrest with a primal form with three supporting legs and a deep well used patina. Dinka culture,Southern Sudan.Length 47cm. £750.

  • Headrest s

    A headrest from the border region of Ethiopia and Kenya. Consisting of two curved supports with flat neck support.Nice overall patina and form. Woven leather strap. H -  15 cm. £320

  • Headrest F

    A fine Afar headrest with unusual decorations on its central support. Nice form and patina. First half 20th century. Height -  16.5 cm. Wide – 12.5 cm. £320

  • Headrest G

    Oromo culture.Ethiopia. Carved from a heavy wood with deep worn patina. Early 20th century. H -  16  cm. £220

  • Headrest H

    A fine northern Kenyan headrest with elongated curved support and three supporting legs. Length – 30 cm. £350

  • Headrest I

    Sidama. Ethiopia. Late 19th century. Beautiful patina. Dense wood.H – 15 cm L – 21 cm. £340

  • Headrest J

    Ethiopian headrest with elegant form and with fantastic patina.H – 12 cm. £350

  • Headrest K

    Gurage. Ethiopia. Carved from one solid block with curved neck support. The neckrest tappers in nicely to the base,what is more unusual with this neckrest is the depth of the band or ring at the lower section. 19th century.  H – 17 cm. £250

  • Headrest L

    Afar. Ethiopia. Rare form of Afar headrest appearing animal in form. Carved with four splayed supporting legs (rare with Afar headrests) with fine crisscross decorations. Length -  21.5 cm. First half 20th century.£270

  • Headrest M

    Oromo – Ethiopia. 19th century. Made in two pieces with top neckrest support fitting into base. Beautiful patina. £340

  • Small stool/headrest

    Northern Kenya border region with Ethiopia. L – 20 cm. H -16.5 cm. Nice patina. £350

  • Headrest N

    A fine Tellem, Mali. H – 18 cm. 18th century. L – 20 cm. £580

  • Headrest O

    Large wing shaped headrest from the Lake Turkana region of Ethiopia & Kenya. Unusual in form with three curved supporting columns,cup shaped base with leather holding strap.The up turned & arched curved support has a traditional restoration with aluminium rivets.Good patina & age.L 29 cm H  - 20 cm. Price  -  £420

  • Headrest P

    A unusual type of Dinka headrest capturing the shape of a abstract animal.The headrest has a good patina and form.First half 20th century. Length – 45 cm. £950

  • headrest Q

    A lovely early Somali headrest.With typically fine decorations on both curved supports. Nice deep worn dark surface.In good overall condition. H – 17 cm. £550

  • Fine early neckrest R

    This fine and rare 19th century Tsonga neckrest was carved with the base also acting as a form of personal storage container. It is in good condition and decorated with early brass tacks. Ex private collection UK. £1600


  • meat platter

    A fine large Zulu meat platter.Good form,age and patina.Length – 88cm. £950. Comes with wall mount.

  • Fine large Pot

    Fine and large Zulu pot with woven lid.Striking zig-zag decoration with good shape and condition.Mid 20th century.Price £1200

  • Royal cup

    A finely decorated palm wine cup. Kuba Kingdom DRC. Finely decorated handle and body with typical Kuba geometric designs.Early 20th century.Ex Belgium collection. £450

  • Lozi food bowl

    This food bowl from the Lozi in Zambia is depicting a duck.Many such bowls represented animals that could be found on the banks of the Zambezi River. Its wings are elegantly carved and finely decorated. It comes in two parts,the bottom section is the container for the food being stored. L –  43 cm. £650

  • Finely decorated gourd

    The gourd is beautifully decorated with images of people,plants and geometric designs. It has a fantastic traditional restoration repairing an old crack with the gourd finely stitched together.The stopped indicates that this gourd was also possibly used as a doll and well as a container.Tanzanian. H –  28 cm. Price  -  £480

  • Finely decorated palm wine cup

    A finely decorated early royal palm wine cup.Kuba kingdom,DRC. Early 20th century with typically fine overlapping crisis cross decorations.Lovely patina and in good condition.£580

  • 19th century palm wine cup

    A very early ceremonial palm wine container.Ngombe.DRC.The handle is decorated with early brass tacks and a mental chain which all appear to be the same period as the cup. 19th century.Ex Belgium collection.£580

  • Wooden bowl

    A lovely old wooden bowl with beautiful form and patina. Early 20th century. Sahara region,Mali or Burkina Faso. L –  58 cm W – 34 cm  SOLD

  • Milk pail

    A early well balanced Zulu milk pail with two attractive simple upturned V designs around its body. Well worn surface patina from extensive use. Early part 20th century.H – 37 cm. CBDFEO .   £650


    A finely decorated small cup used as a mortar vessel. Kuba. DRC. Early 20th century.H – 75 mm £280


  • Dogon necklace

    An early Dogon necklace worn by the Hogon.Mali.Iron chain with green stone pendant.19th century. £350