• Shield.Topoke – DRC

    Woven palm bark basketry at the rear.Decorated on the front with bands of white pigments,common amongst the Topoke.In good over all condition.Early 20th century.Ex private coll. UK. H – 95cm. £1100.

  • Headrest.Southern Sudan.

    Headrest. In typical zoomorphic form.Dinka people. Southern Sudan.L – 40 cm. £450.

  • Hide shield – Tanzania

    Buffalo hide in circular form with traditional decorations in natural pigments. Taturu people.Tanzania.D –  55cm. £750

  • Early traditional Ethiopian house post – Gurage culture

    A fine early wooden house post.Gurage  – Ethiopia. 19th century, with good patina and fine line etched decorations running the length of the post. Used as a decorative house post positioned in the entrance inside a traditional Gurage dwelling. Height 210 cm. £1500

  • Early Gurage [Ethiopia] house post with phallic form.

    A fine early wooden house post. Gurage  – Ethiopia. 19th century, with phallic symbols at the top.Used as a decorative house post positioned in the entrance inside a traditional Gurage dwelling. Height 1.8 meters.19th century. £900 with custom made mount.

  • Three forked ‘Oule Sheikh Hussein’ pilgrimage staffs

    Group of three ‘Oule Sheikh Hussein’ pilgrimage staffs.With typical forked form these staffs where carried during pilgrimage in the Ethiopian highlands,the forked staff was symbolic to show the carried was on this sacred rite and when needed should be offered hospitality.750 pounds set of three as mounted. – £750

  • Ceremonial skirt

    Wonderful early ceremonial skirt. Mangati -Tanzania.Rare skirts like this one were first worn by a teenage girl for her coming-of-age ceremony. Such regalia is typically kept  for special tribal occasions, and passed from mother to daughter.Early beads,goats leather with leather tassels.Price   – £1800

  • Woven bark fibre wall panel.MONGO – DRC

    A woven bark traditional wall panel. Mongo – DRC. Circa 1930′s. Ex private German collection.Made from flat strips of bark fiber. Comes mounted on backing board covered with black fabric. 37cm x 52cm. Price  -  £390

  • Woven bark panel.Mongo – DRC

    A woven traditional wall panel with simple abstract design. Mongo – DRC. Circa 1930′s. Ex private German collection.Made from flat strips of bark fiber. Comes mounted on backing board covered with black fabric. 37cm x 52cm. Price  -  £390

  • Old Ethiopian high backed chair

    Old Ethiopian chair with a wonderful surface patina with organic form. Medium in size  - H 62cm x 45 cm. Mid to late 19th century. Three supporting legs with slightly curved supporting back support with deep surface patination. Price  -  £850.  Click on image for side show

  • Ethiopian chair

    A small nicely shaped Ethiopian chair with four supporting legs.The chair has four curved supporting legs which is rarer to find with Ethiopian chairs.It has a deep lusty patina from long age and regular use.19th century.Height  -  75 cm Diameter  - 25 cm.Price  -  £750

  • Unusual wood and leather chair – Ethiopia

    A early 20th century low wood & leather siting chair.The back support is formed from a bent piece of wood that gives this piece such a wonderful form. It has been decorated with lines of red paint which add to its individuality.The seat is made from woven strips of leather.H – 58cm £ 750

  • Nyamwezi mask

    A early Nyamwezi dance mask - Tanzania. Powerful expression typical for masks from this tribal group. Animal hide has been added around the mouth as decoration and also to the back of the mask where leather strips have been fastened. Early 20th century.Ex private German collection  (published). £1800

  • Makonde Terracotta mask.Mozambique and Tanzania

    Ceremonial fetish mask in terracotta. Makonde  - Mozambique/ Tanzania.Doubled faced with fine decorations.Used in initiation dance ceremonies where the dancer would carry such a mask and after place it on the ground, it would then become a central part of the ceremony.1950′s.£900

  • Dance shield.

    A early wooden dance shield decorated with pigments and traces of paint.Meru – Kenya.Carved in a light wood and slightly curved in form. Shields like this would have been used in ceremonial dance similar to other cultures in the Rift Valley region and neighboring regions ie the Kikuyu and  Tutsi in Rwanda.Height- 53cm. £ 750

  • RARE flat weave CONGO MAT

    This is a fine early mat, Bakongo culture – DRC.Early 20th cent.Woven from flat strands of cane, rare mats like this would have decorated the royal household. The design dates to a early period & found only in the lower Congo.Ex private UK coll.Ref plate x1 ‘African Design’ Margret Trowell. 59 x 127cm. £1900

  • hat – Lega

    Ceremonial hat.Lega – Dem Republic Congo. Hornbill and pods from the Meseza tree fastened onto a wicker frame.Hats of this type represent an old type of headdress called ‘mukuba wa maseza’.They are one of the many types of adorment worn by  highest initiates of kindi . H – 25cm. £900

  • calabash traditional medicine container.

    A old gourd medicine container with carved stopper/head.The container is decorated with a strands of old red and white glass beads.The head has white glass beaded eyes and fine strands of transparent beads acting as hair. Laguru tribe – Tanzania.Price  - £650

  • Rare form of Tanzanian stool

    A rare type of Tanzanian stool with three arched supporting legs.This form is used by the Hehe and Gogo in the central southern region of Tanzania. It was not a stool for daily use rather user only by men of rank,important elders or chiefs. H –  38 cm. £650

  • guinea -bissau

    A rare type of stool used by elders of rank coming from Guinea -Bissau.One like this published in ‘African seats’.Ex private collection UK.Early 20th century or before with traditional restorations.Price  - £850

  • Prestige stool

    Songye. Height  - 48cm.Sitting female figure holding seat.Good signs of age and use.Old metal studs,glass beads with animal claw [possibly Leopard] pendant.Price on request.SBGBHOO

  • Mask.Chewa – Malawi

    A early dance mask from the Chewa tribe – Malawi.This mask has a great expression with wrinkles under the eyes and forehead..Carved from a light wood.Early to mid 20th century.Price – £1600

  • Sukuma

    A fine early Sukuma mask – Tanzania.Carved from a dense brown hard wood and decorated with red colouring.Inserted wooden teeth with elongated features. Well used mask with powerful expression.Height  - 34cm. Price on request.

  • Body mask

    Body mask –  Makonde. Light wood and coloured with natural pigments. Etched and dotted design resembling tattooing on the stomach with fine pointed breasts . A well used mask used during the dance to celebrate the girls initiation into woman hood.1950′s or before. Height  - 49cm. £2800

  • An Ekpeye horizontal mask in the form of a Pangolin.Rivers State regio.Nigeria

    The Egbukere was a major cuiltural masked celebration.The dancers wore a huge variety of head dresses,from fish to mammal to human….The pangolin ‘akwerekwa’ would appear from the forest in the late afternoon imitating the actions of the blacksmith who he represents in the animal world. Ex private coll. Price on request.

  • HIDE SHIELD – cameroon

    Early bell shaped hide shield ‘glagwa’ coming from the Northern province of Cameroon.Animal hide with embossed lines and decorations.Highlighted with natural earth pigments of red.Early part 20th century with leather handle at the rear.Ref. page 46 ‘Shields African,Southeast…..’  Ex private coll. Height  -   Price  - £750

  • beautifully beaded ceremonial woman’s skirt – iraqwi Tanzania

    Made from strips of animal hide and decorated with early beads. Iraqwi women are well know for created these masterpieces of abstract bead work.No two skirts are of the same design and most like this one were created pre 1930′s.Later examples were made for the tourist market.Length – .Price as mounted  - £3400


    Cotton prestige mans hat ‘ashetu’.Bamileke – Cameroon. Mid 20th century.Woven cotton  and wool fiber in good condition.These hats are reminiscent of a elaborate hair style once worn throughout the grasslands Ref page 57 Crowning achievements.Height  - 23cm. Price – £850

  • Beaded neck adorment and matching apron – Pokot

    A very finely beaded girls neck adornment/collar and matching apron.Coming from the Pokot tribe of northern Kenya.The apron is particularly finely beaded back and front.It has two strands of beads that would have looped over the shoulders to give it support.Price  - £870

  • 88.Head adornment/hat – Lega

    Rare type of head adornment coming from the Lega  - DRC. Decorated with early buttons,animal teeth and fine glass beads.Diameter  -  18cm. Price  - £850

  • 91.Feather hat. Bamileke – Cameroon

    Ceremonial hat.Bamileke – Cameroon. Black forest bird feathers on woven cap.Height  - 28cm. Price – £650

  • 93. Lega hat

    Fine Lega hat  - DRC. Beautifully decorated with rows of old vegetable ivory buttons and clam shells. Height  - 28cm. £900

  • 25. Mask – Nyamwezi

    A powerful old Nyamwezi mask from Tanzania. Carved from a semi hard wood with various native restorations of leather patches and wire.Height  - 32cm. ANVAFOO.  Price  - £1600

  • 77. Small shield

    A small curved wooden shield from the Meru  - Kenya.Pleasing shape and decorated with now faded paints of green and blue.Used as a ceremonial dance shield.Height  - 45cm. Price  -  £650 [comes with display stand]

  • 73. Iron shield. East Africa.

    A early 20th century iron shield from the Lake Turkana region.Iron with aluminum strip and handle at the back.Height  -  894cm on metal display stand.Price – £850.

  • 60. Fine prestige club – Angola

    Prestige club from Angola, Chokwe. Deep lusty patina all over,the head has been finely carved with notched ridges,probably stone carved.This gives the pieces its quality,the contract between the smooth handle and the textured  head.Length –  57cm. Price £850 – NOW £650!

  • 84.Pipe – Zulu

    A long slender pipe -Zulu.Southern Africa,Circa – early part 20th century.Comes presented on custom made stand.In good condition.Price  -  £450.Length 34 cm

  • 32. Double bowl – Lozi

    A  rare type of traditional food presentation bowl- Lozi,Zambia.This double bowl has a carved fish on one lid and attractive decorations on both lids.The Lozi homeland is on the banks of the Zambizi River,animals that live on the river – fish,turtles,wild ducks etc are often depicted on the bowls.Mid 20th cent.Length – 54cm.  £850

  • 69. Meat platter – Zulu

    A unusually formed [ fish shaped ] Zulu meat platter.Good age and patina.Height  - 75cm. Ex early English collection.Price £750

  • 42.Zulu Pot

    Fine and large Zulu pot with woven lid.Striking zig zag decoration with good shape and condition.Mid 20th century.Price £950