• Ashante stool

    A fine tall Ashante stool.Ghana. Early 20th century.Good form and height.H –  48 cm L – 56 cm. £750

  • Small zoomorphic stool. Lobi

    A nicely balanced Lobi stool. Burkina Faso .Early 20th century. L – 42 cm. H – 22.5 cm. £450


    Rare type of stool symbolising rank and title. Hehe tribe. Iringa region. Tanzania. Early 20th century. H -40 cm .D – 51 cm. £650


    A rare type of ceremonial dance stool. Mende. Sierra Leone. Beautiful patina with fine markings on the staff and decorations on the top and under side of the seat.Early 20th century. H- 51 cm. £450

  • Stool with zoomorphic form. Ethiopia

    A unusual and early stool made from a natural tree branch and formed with four supporting legs. Well worn patina and wonderful zoomorphic presence. Length – 65 cm. £650

  • East African beaded stool

    Kamba, Kenya.A stool with four supporting legs, flat top decorated with small glass beads in attractive design.First half 20th century. H – 39 cm. W – 35 cm. £450

  • Early 20th century Lobi stool

    A fine early 20th century stool with good form and age. Four powerful supporting legs with central phallic form. Lobi people – Burkina Faso.Early 20th century. L -71 cm H – 38 cm. Price  -  £550

  • Ethiopian coffee table

    A early 20th century Ethiopian coffee table decorated with green,yellow and red colours.Traditionally used as a table to serve and present coffee.First half 20th century.Carved from one piece.Ethiopia.H – 37 cm W – 43 cm £580

  • Lozi stool.Zambia

    A fine small in size Lozi stool. Zambia. Elegant simple form with a deep dark patina all over. Early 20th century. Ex UK collection. H – 19  cm. D – 20 cm. £420

  • Stool.Kenya

    A early elders stool with finely decorated twisted wire top. Kamba people,Kenya. With three supporting legs in good over all condition.Early 20th century. Diameter 27 cm H 16 cm.£420

  • Rare double tiered ceremonial stool

    A rare early double tiered ceremonial stool. Ashante, Ghana. Early 20th century.Ex Jonathan Lowen collection,London. H -61 cm L – 65 cm W 37 cm. £850

  • Large Ethiopian throne. Late 19th/early 20th century

    A rare form of Ethiopian high backed chair with four curved supporting legs and large in form.Carved from a very dense heavy dark wood. Lovely patina,comfortable to sit in. H – 93 cm. Seat diameter -59 cm. Late 19th century.£2900

  • Old Ethiopian high backed chair

    Old Ethiopian chair with a wonderful surface patina with organic form. Medium in size  - H 62cm x 45 cm. Mid to late 19th century. Three supporting legs with slightly curved supporting back support with deep surface patination. Price  -  £850.  Click on image for side show

  • Ethiopian chair

    A small nicely shaped Ethiopian chair with four supporting legs.The chair has four curved supporting legs which is rarer to find with Ethiopian chairs.It has a deep lusty patina from long age and regular use.19th century.Height  -  75 cm Diameter  - 25 cm.Price  -  £750

  • 19th century Ethiopian chair/stool

    A low chair carved from one piece from a hard brown wood.The chair has deep waves on the surface of the seat as a result of extensive use over the years.Three supporting legs with upright stilts to the base of the seat. Medium in size. Diameter  - 45 cm. £690

  • Unusual wood and leather chair – Ethiopia

    A early 20th century low wood & leather siting chair.The back support is formed from a bent piece of wood that gives this piece such a wonderful form. It has been decorated with lines of red paint which add to its individuality.The seat is made from woven strips of leather.H – 58cm £ 750


  • Fine palm wine cup.Kuba.DRC

    A fine and beautifully carved cup with intricate waved design.Such vessels were used amongst the Kuba men of title for drinking palm wine.Early 20th century.H –  14.5 cm.Ex private European collection. £750

  • Zulu meat platter

    A fine large Zulu meat platter.Good form,age and patina.Length – 88cm. £950. Comes with wall mount.

  • 42.Zulu Pot

    Fine and large Zulu pot with woven lid.Striking zig zag decoration with good shape and condition.Mid 20th century.Price £1200

  • Storage containers

    Two fine milk containers that reflects the importance of milk amongst the Borana – Somalia & Ethiopia. The left -made from a  calabash,cover in animal hide to give protection  & decorated with fine strands of white metal.The right – finely woven white metal strands & fibre.Prices – LR – £650 + £580 H -62cm +…

  • Royal cup. Kuba DRC

    A finely decorated palm wine cup. Kuba Kingdom DRC. Finely decorated handle and body with typical Kuba geometric designs.Early 20th century.Ex Belgium collection. £450

  • Lozi food bowl – Zambia

    This food bowl from the Lozi in Zambia is depicting a duck.Many such bowls represented animals that could be found on the banks of the Zambezi River. Its wings are elegantly carved and finely decorated. It comes in two parts,the bottom section is the container for the food being stored. L –  43 cm. £680

  • Finely decorated East African gourd.

    The gourd is beautifully decorated with images of people,plants and geometric designs. It has a fantastic traditional restoration repairing an old crack with the gourd finely stitched together.The stopped indicates that this gourd was also possibly used as a doll and well as a container.Tanzanian. H –  28 cm. Price  -  £480

  • Finely decoreted palm wine cup. Kuba – DRC

    A finely decorated early royal palm wine cup.Kuba kingdom,DRC. Early 20th century with typically fine overlapping crisis cross decorations.Lovely patina and in good condition.£580

  • 19th century palm wine cup. Ngombe DRC

    A very early ceremonial palm wine container.Ngombe.DRC.The handle is decorated with early brass tacks and a mental chain which all appear to be the same period as the cup. 19th century.Ex Belgium collection.£580

  • Wooden bowl.Zulu.

    Early wooden bowl.Zulu – Southern Africa. Circular dish with four short supporting legs and wooden handle for carrying and hanging.Early 20th century. Diameter –  31cm. £280.

  • Water vessel. Kabyle,Algeria

    Early and finely decorated water vessel. Kabyle – Algeria.Circa early 20th century.Ex private coll. UK. L 25cm. £480

  • Wooden bowl. Early 20th century. Tuareg – Mali and Burkina Faso

    A lovely old wooden bowl with beautiful form and patina. Early 20th century. Sahara region,Mali or Burkina Faso. L –  58 cm W – 34 cm  .Price – £380

  • Milk pail.Zulu

    A early well balanced Zulu milk pail with two attractive simple upturned V designs around its body. Well worn surface patina from extensive use. Early part 20th century.H – 37 cm. £650


    A finely decorated small ritual cup. Kuba. DRC. Early 20th century.H – 75 mm £280


  • Set of early Zulu beadwork

    A fine set of four mounted pieces of early Zulu bead work.Pre 1930′s.Came from a private collection.Nicely mounted on a stretch frame. Price  -  £650.

  • 10.Beaded skirt – Iraqw

    A  rare beaded skirt from the Iraqw culture – Tanzania.Early part 20th cent.Made from animal hide and decorated in a abstract design with small glass beads.Made during the young girls initiation ‘Marmo’ and worn during their coming out and rebirth ceremony….the girls entrance into womanhood.Length  - 1.2m approx. £2800

  • Beaded neckpiece. Pokot – Kenya

    A beautiful beaded neck piece/adornment. Pokot  - Kenya.Diameter 20cm. 1950′s or before.£375

  • Beaded apron.Southern Sudan

    A fine early beaded apron. Toposa tribe, South Sudan.Early glass beads in bands of black,orange,red and yellow sown onto a piece of animal hide. Custom mounted.Price – £550

  • Kalacha. Konso – Ethiopia

    ‘Kalacha’ Konso people.Southern Ethiopia.Worn as a head decoration by a chief or elder of importance.It is a symbol of fertility and power. Aluminium with bone button and leather strap.Early last century. Length  - 17cm long.Price £470

  • Ceremonial women’s skirt – Iraqw Tanzania

    Made from strips of animal hide and decorated with beads. Iraqwi women are well know for created these masterpieces of abstract bead work.No two skirts are of the same design and most like this one were created pre 1950′s.Length -  180 cm. £2800

  • Beaded neck adorment and matching apron – Pokot

    A very finely beaded girls neck adornment/collar with matching apron. Pokot tribe of northern Kenya.The apron is finely beaded back and front.It has two strands of beads that would have looped over the shoulders to give it support. Given as a bridal gift as a symbol of wealth. Mid 20th cent.Price  - £850

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