• Fine early Mumuye figure

    A fine Mumuye figure coming from the private collection of Jonathan Lowen, London.Wonderful form and surface patina. H – 110 cm. Price on request.

  • Old female figure. Mende.Sierra Leone

    A fine tall upright female figure with typical Mende features – elaborate coiffure,long neck and small head.Powerful chest,shoulders and arms.Deep patina.Ex private collection UK.Height  - 60cm. £2400 – now £1500

  • cEREMONIAL FIGURE. Sukuma.Tanzania

    A powerful standing ceremonial figure. Sukuma,Tanzania.  Wood painted red with aluminium plated eyes and mouth. H – 90 cm. Price on request. BNCDEOO

  • Title staff. Tanzania

    Title staff. Haha/Gogo. Tanzania. Animal form with lusty worn patina. H –  95 cm. £580

  • Female Ibegi figure

    An early female Ibegi figure with remains of Reckitts blue to the crown shaped coiffure.Deep well handled patina with scarifications to the chest and breasts. Early 20th century. £ 750

  • Small Pare fetish figure. Tanzania

    A small fetish figure with deep encrusted patina,expressive white beaded eyes and wrapped in strips of leather.On the back is fastened a horn used to hold magical substances.the figure is free standing leaning slightly back on the horn to give balance.H –  16 cm. £750.

  • Ancestral figure. Tanzania

    A fine early ancestral figure. Bena tribe. Iringa Region of south-central Tanzania.A upright male figure standing on a stool. First half 20th century.Field collected in the 1990′s. H – 80 cm. £1850

  • Dance figure.Sukuma – Tanzania

    A fine Sukuma figure with movable arms & feet.Held around the mid rift & used in traditional dance ceremonies to celebrate the end of year harvest when dances from each village would gather to compete for the prize of the best dancing troupe.Ex private coll. Netherlands.Early – mid 20th century. H – 59cm. £2600

  • Lwena female figure

    Standing figure with the arms clasped behind the shoulders. Brass tacks decorate the face with markings on the cheeks. Good early piece with a oiling surface patina, coming from the Lwena – Angola/ Zambia. Ex Belgium collection. H -  23cm. £950

  • Mother and child figure.Tanzania

    A fine early mother and child figure. Kaguru – Tanzania.The mother sitting on a stool holding her baby on her lap.Carved in a dense brown hard wood.First half 20th century.Height  -  47  cm. £2200

  • calabash traditional medicine container

    A old gourd medicine container with carved stopper/head.The container is decorated with a strands of old red and white glass beads.The head has white glass beaded eyes and fine strands of transparent beads acting as hair. Laguru tribe – Tanzania.Price  - £650

  • Figurative container

    Pare – Tanzania. This figure with a lot of character was used as a medicine container,the cavity being part of the stomach.The entrance hole is on the shoulder.It has a oily  surface as a result of regular use over time.Strands of early glass beads decorate the neck.H- 24.5 cm. ASGABOO. £1450

  • ibegi figure

    A early Ibegi figure with encrusted surface.The encrustation covers the whole body of the figure.There are traces of blue pigment around the ears and back of the head. There are typical Yoruba facial markings with metal eyes.The figure came from a private collection in the UK.H –  24cm. DFGGEO £750  

  • Dogon figure

    A fine early, 18th – 19th century, Dogon female figure.Mali. Standing upright with typical Dogon poise.Ex European private collection. H – 32 cm. £1900

  • Pair of figures.Male and female.Baule,Ivory Coast

    A pair of early 20th century Baule figures. Male and female, Ivory Coast. Both with very finely carved features and coiffure. Encrusted patinas due to age. Ex Herbert Riesser NY 1967. Ex Pen Kent collection UK . Height  -  30cm. Price on request.

  • Ceremonial knife. Songye DRC

    Fine ceremonial knife. Kifwebe style. Songye DRC. Circa 1930′s. Ex private Belgium collection. H- 40 cm.£1800

  • Luguru figure

    A fine slender female fetish figure. Luguru – Tanzania. H – 52 cm.  £1700

  • Fetish figure.Tanzania

    Fetish figure. Pare.Tanzania.Wood wrapped in layers of cloth with fetish material. Pre 1950′s. H – 25 cm. £1400

  • Ancestral figure. Tanzania

    Fine old ancestral figure. Sagara. Tanzania.Seated female figure with upright posture,weather patina and movable arms.First half 20th century.H – 67 cm £1900


    A early female figure.Kaguru – Tanzania. The figure standing with classical pose.A finely sculptured maternity figure with deep worn patina.Small fetish hole on top of the head and with white glass beaded eyes. The arms are enlarged to give the figure more presence and power.Early 20th century. H –  42 cm. CBCAHOO. £1900


    Fine female fetish figure. Kusu. DRC. First half 20th century. Ex private collection UK. H –  27 cm. £ 1600

  • Mother and child figure. Kamba.Kenya

    A fine early mother and child figure. Kamba, Kenya. First half of the 20th century. A mother sitting on a small stool with a baby on her back. Height – 30 cm. £850

  • Nyamwezi figure. Tanzania

    Fine early fetish figure. Nyamwezi – Tanzania.The figure has great balance and expression.Ex private collection Netherlands. H – 39 cm. Price on request.

  • Early Makonde female figure

    A fine early female figure.Mozambique. A woman with one hand balancing a pot on her head.The female figure has fine facial scarification’s,typical to the Makonde & a wonderful worn surface patina.Carved from a dense brown wood & decorated in parts (base) with red paint. 1st half 20th cent. H 80 cm. £1700


  • Stool.Southern Sudan

    This elephant stool was given to the previous owner by her farther who was the lead doctor in Southern Sudan.He was given the stool as a gift for services rendered from a Dinka chief in the early 1940′s.Carved in a very heavy dense wood with worn patina. H – 63 cm. £950

  • Chair.Guro – Ivory Coast

    A fine low wooden tribal chair with metal decorations coming from the Guro people  in the Ivory Coast..Ex private coll.UK. H – 52 cm.Early 20th century. £950

  • Stool.Igbo – Nigeria

    A early 20th century Igbo stool.Small in size with fine cut out proportions,comprising of three circular bands,top,bottom and middle supported by rows of small triangular shaped cut out upright supports. Good signs of early wear and use.H- 29 cm. £420

  • 3. Chiefs stool – Ashante

    A fine and rare type of Ashante stool,Ghana. Pre 1940′s.Unusually decorated on both sides with four snakes that would have acted as a form of protection to the sitting chief.Ex private collection UK.Length – 48cm. Price  - £850

  • Tribal chair with bent wood support

    A beautifully formed chair made from three pieces of bent wood acting as the back,seat and leg supports. The seat is made from strips of woven animal hide,strong and comfortable. The striking element of the chair is the arced rear support that gives the chair a real modernist feel.Late 19th to early 20th century. £900

  • Ethiopian high backed chair

    Medium in size with three curved supporting legs.Late 19th century. Good form and condition with nice patina.H 83 cm. Diameter –  47 cm. £950

  • Bamileke stool.Cameroon

    An early Bamileke stool coming from a old English collection.Typically circular in form with intricate carved animal heads,probably cow. Height  -  40cm.Diameter 28cm. £650.

  • Fine Congo stool

    A beautiful and simply formed stool with nicely balance circular top and bottom. Good condition with striation decorations coming from the base and up the support.Probably Mangbetu in origin,north eastern  DRC. Early 20th century.H- 32cm. Diameter 40 cm.£550

  • Small Elephant stool.Zambia

    A fine early stool depicting a Elephant with upright stance surmounted with a small circular seat. Probably early tourist piece but with good age. 1950′s. Ex private European collection.H – 33 cm. £550. BCGEEO

  • 19th century Ethiopian high backed chair.

    A large and unusual late 19th century Ethiopian high backed throne.Coming from the Jimma region.Carved from a heavy brown wood,supported by three curved legs with a rare cut out cross design on the back rest. Nice patina and in good condition. H – 101 cm . W – 57 cm. £1900.

  • Prestige stool. Duala.Cameroon

    A fine early prestige stool. Duala,Cameroon. Early 20th century. Ex private collection UK. Length – 52 cm. £850

  • Lobi stool

    A fine and unusually long Lobi stool. Burkina Faso. Beautiful form and patina. Early 20th century. L – 71 cm  H – 38 cm  £750

  • Reclining chair. 19th century. Ethiopia

    A fine two piece reclining back rest/chair. 19th century. Ethiopia. Consisting of two pieces of wood,the back rest slotting into the base.The chair has a wonderful patina all over and elegant form. Length –  105 cm Height – 84 cm Wide – 50 cm. £1800

  • Royal stool. Bijago. Guinea Bissau

    A rare type of stool used by elders of rank and title. Bijago. Guinea -Bissau.Ex private collection UK.19th century.Local restoration to one of the supporting arms. L – 54 cm. H – 36 cm.Price  - £750

  • Childs backrest/stool.Ivory Coast

    A fine early child’s stool. Ivory Coast. First half 20th century. Ex private collection UK. H -34 cm. £420