• Stool. Ibo – Nigerian. Early 20th century

    A fine Ibo stool.Late 19th to early 20th century. Nigeria. Intricate but well balanced and executed  design.Good patina and condition. H – 33 cm Diameter – 37 cm. SOLD

  • Makonde

    Helmet style mask. Makonde. Tanzania and Mozambique.  H –  30 cm. £1200

  • Mende mask.

    A fine Mende ‘Sowei’ mask. Sierra Leone. Serene expression with fine cross hatch hair style decoration. First half 20th century. H –  45 cm. £3800

  • Spiral currency 19th century

    Cross Rivers copper spiral currency. Nigeria. 19th century.L – 20 cm. £650

  • Snuff container.

    Ivory snuff container with beaded top attached with the original chain. Massai – Tanzania/Kenya. H – 7 cm. £590

  • Dogon figure.

    A very early, 19th century or before, Dogon female figure.Mali. Standing upright with typical Dogon poise.Ex European private collection. H – 32 cm. £1900

  • Wooden shield. Rwanda

    A fine wooden dance shield. Rwanda/Eastern DRC. Decorated & now faded with natural pigments of red,black & white following the incised zig zag designs on the front. Native repair to lower section of the shield. The handle,carved in one piece to the body of the shield,shows good signs of use.H – 58 cm. £750

  • Old Sukuma mask. Tanzania

    A very early ceremonial dance mask – Sukuma,Tanzania.Carved from a very hard dense brown wood.The mask has powerful primitive qualities with extensive use. H – 33 cm. £2200

  • Hide shield. 19th century Ethiopia

    Buffalo hide shield. 19th century. Oromo region. Ethiopia. Diameter – 70 cm. £1500

  • Somali headrest

    A lovely early Somali headrest.With typically fine decorations on both curved supports. Nice deep worn dark surface.In good overall condition. H – 17 cm. Price on request. CBD.DHO

  • Lozi stool.

    A fine and rare type of Lozi stool, Zambia. With five curved supports, beautiful form and patina.Burnt in designs on supports. Ex old English collection. H  - 19 cm. £ 490

  • Ceremonial knife.’Poto’ – DRC

    Ceremonial knife.’Poto’ Doko culture – DRC. Early 20th cent. H -62 cm. £850

  • Luguru figure

    A fine slender female fetish figure. Luguru – Tanzania. H – 52 cm.  £1700

  • Pende mask

    Pende mask DRC with original costume. Ex private collective Netherlands. £3200

  • Headrest. Dinka – Southern Sudan

    A unusual type of Dinka headrest capturing the shape of a abstract animal.The headrest has a good patina and form. Length – 45 cm. £950

  • Ceremonial hat.PENDE – DRC

    Ceremonial chieftains hat. Pende – DRC. Mid 20th century. £850.

  • Female Ibegi figure

    An early female Ibegi figure with remains of Reckitts blue to the crown shaped coiffure.Deep well handled patina with scarifications to the chest and breasts. Early 20th century. £ 750

  • Small Pare fetish figure. Tanzania

    A small fetish figure with deep encrusted patina,expressive white beaded eyes and wrapped in strips of leather.On the back is fastened a horn used to hold magical substances.the figure is free standing leaning slightly back on the horn to give balance.H –  16 cm. £750.

  • Head adornment mask.Yoruba

    ‘Egungun’ masks are the spiritual embodiment of the Yoruba ancestors.This mask has very fine features,rounded face with markings…Egyptian like in appearance. The head adornment is very finely carved.Masks like this wear worn on top of the head.Early 20th century Ex private coll. UK. £1800

  • Congo power figure.

    A fine Teke power figure  -  DRC. The male figure is holding its stomach with one hand and a short staff in the other.Legs are slightly apart and bent.There is a old crack to one side of the head and base.Ex private coll. Belguim. H  - 21cm . £950

  • Hide shield. Northern Kenya

    Small nicely formed personal shield. Buffalo hide with wooden support at the back. Height  -  72 cm (including height of stick) £750

  • Pair of late 19th to early 20th century wooden sandals. Ethiopia

    Paid of wooden sandals.Worn as a symbol of status. Ethiopian. L –  27.5cm . £340 pair

  • Stool.Igbo – Nigeria

    A early 20th century Igbo stool.Small in size with fine cut out proportions,comprising of three circular bands,top,bottom and middle supported by rows of small triangular shaped cut out upright supports. Good signs of early wear and use.H- 29 cm. £420

  • fINE canoe prow – PNG

    This fantastic canoe prow comes from the Lower Sepik River region.It is pre contact period, early 20th century. The form of the prow is of a crocodile head,at the back end sits a guardian figure.Above his head is a abstract crocodile figure.Both sides are finely decorated.Length –  150 cm. Price on request. BNDHEOO

  • Kete mask.DRC. Ex private collection,UK

    A fine Kuba Kete mask – DRC. The mask has a powerful expression with fine markings in natural pigments. Ex private collection London and Brussels. Price on request.

  • Old Makonde mask. Ex private coll. UK

    A very expressive and early Makonde mask.The mask has a large lip plate and well worn surface.Original straps to fasten the mask are still attached.A piece of animal hide is attached to the head of the mask.Early part 20th century.Ex private collection UK. £2200

  • Unique form of Dinka headrest

    Field collected in the 1990′s. The ‘head’ is decorated with the ends of bullet shells.There is a lg brass bullet shell protruding from one side. The chain that supports the shoulder strap is attached to a brass wire & bent to form the shape of two ‘ears’. L  43 cm .£850

  • Lozi food bowl – Zambia

    This food bowl from the Lozi in Zambia is depicting a duck.Many such bowls represented animals that could be found on the banks of the Zambezi River. Its wings are elegantly carved and finely decorated. It comes in two parts,the bottom section is the container for the food being stored. L –  43 cm. £680

  • Finely decorated East African gourd.

    The gourd is beautifully decorated with images of people,plants and geometric designs. It has a fantastic traditional restoration repairing an old crack with the gourd finely stitched together.The stopped indicates that this gourd was also possibly used as a doll and well as a container.Tanzanian. H –  28 cm. Price  -  £480

  • Tsonga headrest

    A Tsonga headrest with single central upright support decorated with a series of finely decorated rectangular designs.These designs are also represented on each of the down turned lugs.Early part of the 20th century. Height 16 cm.Price  -  £750

  • Dinka.Headrest

    A early Dinka headrest curved in form with a woven leather handle strap. The structure of this headrest is carved with down turned and upturned ‘lugs’ thought to represent a cow’s udder. The headrest has a deep well used patina on the surface.Length 46.5 cm. price  - £950

  • Two early 20th century ceremonial hatchets.Angola

    Two early hatchets.Southern Africa region, possibly Angola.Wooden handles with deep patinas,finely decorated blades. Top – 57 cm long.Lower 59 cm long. £390 each


    A early female figure.Kaguru – Tanzania. The figure standing with classical pose.A finely sculptured maternity figure with deep worn patina.Small fetish hole on top of the head and with white glass beaded eyes. The arms are enlarged to give the figure more presence and power.Early 20th century. H –  42 cm. CBCAHOO. £1900

  • 19th century Ethiopian chair/stool

    A low chair carved from one piece from a hard brown wood.The chair has deep waves on the surface of the seat as a result of extensive use over the years.Three supporting legs with upright stilts to the base of the seat. Medium in size. Diameter  - 45 cm. £690

  • Makonde sickness mask

    A rare Makonde sickness or deformity mask. Tanzania and Mozambique. H – 22 cm. £1250

  • Lega mask.Dem Rep. Congo

    A fine Lega mask ‘lukwakongo’ .Bwani society. DRC. Carved in a typical light wood,burnt through holes with traces of white powder and good signs of handling and use.This mask came with its own woven fibre shoulder bag for safe keeping and ceremonial use. (bag is included) Ex private coll. UK. H –  15 cm. £1500

  • Southern Sudanese neckrest

    Zoomorphic in form.L – 28 cm. Great movement,like a lizard on the move. Southern Sudanese.£380

  • Fine Yoruba mask

    A fine and unusual Yoruba mask.Nigeria. The mask with large nose and protruding eyes.Great expression with typical Yoruba scarification’s either side of the cheeks. Decorated with early red pigments.Well used back with some missing parts at the sides as a result of a lot of use.H – 24 cm. BCHAHOO. £2200

  • Turkana shield

    Tall hide shield. Coming from the northern region of Kenya. Lake Turkana region. Turkana tribe. Nicely formed in good condition. Early part 20th century. H – 132 cm. £1200  

  • East African comb

    Comb, Tanzanian. Carved in a brown hard wood surmounted with a standing female figure with one arm holding her breast and the other holding her stomach. The comb shows good signs of use and handling over time.H -20cm. £550