• Brass amulet

    A finely cast brass amulet. Senufo. Ivory Coast. First half 20th century. Ex-private collection Netherlands. H- 4 cm. Custom mounted. £450

  • Gold weight 18th -19th century

    A fine early Akan gold weight from Ghana of a coiled snake catching a bird. 18th- 19th century. Ex-private collection London. L – 37 mm. Comes with a custom-made wooden base. £250

  • Three fine bronze gold dust spoons

    Three finely made beaten brass spoons used for measuring gold dust. 17th – 18th century. Akan. Ghana. L – 7 cm.11 cm.12 cm. £90 each. Ex-private collection UK.

  • Bronze tortoise amulet

    Bronze amulet diviner piece. Senufo. Ivory Coast.Flat casting with spiral back design, Raised dot decoration in the centre. Diameter 65 mm. 19th century.Small bronze figurines like this were used by the Senufo diviner during a ritual. Ex Seward Kennedy collection. £220

  • Gold weight 19th century.

    A fine gold weight of a chameleon. Ex-private collection UK. 19th century. L – 68 mm H 33 mm. Comes with a custom-made wooden base. £250

  • Bronze pendant

    A fine early bronze pendant of a crouching male. Tellem period. Mali.Ex Seward Kennedy collection, London. H – 39 mm. £550. Comes with a custom-made wooden base.

  • Seated female figure goldweight

    A fine seated female figure holding a vessel between her legs with necklace and arm bands. Probably a shrine figure. Djenne period. Mali .Ex private collection London. H 40mm.£650

  • Bronze pendant of a crocodile

    A slender bronze pendant of a crocodile.Possibly Lobi. Burkina Faso. L – 12.5 cm. Late 19th – early 20th century.Ex-private collection Amsterdam. £280

  • Miniature standing figure

    A fine miniature standing bronze figure. Djenne period. Mali. Standing upright with arms holding its protruding stomach.Deep encrusted patina. Ex Seward Kennedy collection UK. H – 41 mm. £470. Comes with a custom-made wooden display stand.

  • Miniature sitting figure

    A fine miniature bronze sitting figure with its arms raised to its head. Deep entrusted patina. Djenne. Mali. H – 39 mm. Ex Seward Kennedy collection UK. £470. Comes on custom-made wooden base.

  • Figurative gold weight. 19th century

    A finely cast Akan gold weight of a man standing with his legs crossed, a flute in his mouth and a scorpion at his feet. 19th century. H – 44 mm. Ex-private German collection. £350

  • Gold weight of a bird with crest

    A 19th-century Akan gold weight of a crested bird standing on a pyramid base. H – 32 mm. Ex-private collection Germany.£230. Comes with a custom-made wooden base.

  • Fine bronze female figure

    A finely cast bronze female figure. Lobi. Burkina Faso. Standing figure with legs slightly bent, arms by its side. Nice patina with detail. 19th century. Ex-private collection Amsterdam. H – 59 mm. £550. Comes with wooden display stand.

  • Bronze female figure. 19th century

    A fine early cast bronze female figure. Delta region, Mali or Burkina Faso.19th century. Ex Seward Kennedy collection.London. H – 61 mm. £450

  • Seated figure

    A fine bronze seated figure. Tellem/Dogon,Mali. 18th – 19th century. Ex Seward Kennedy collection. London. H – 55 mm. Comes with custom-made wooden display base. £850

  • Spiral currency 19th century

    Cross Rivers copper spiral currency. Nigeria. 19th-century.L – 20 cm. £650

  • Ogboni couple

    A fine small pair of brass Ogboni Society figures (Edan)Yoruba People. Nigeria. Male and female with connecting chain.19th century.Ex Seward Kennedy collection. H- 79 mm. £650

  • Amulet pendent

    A fine early amulet/pendant. Iron. Senufo. Ivory Coast. 19th century. H – 50 mm. £450

  • Fine figurative gold weight

    A finely cast Akan gold weight. Ghana. 19th century. Depicting a man holding a staff with a bundle on his head. Ex-private collection UK.Height – 3 cm. £380

  • Fine early gold weight

    Gold weight of a bird. 18th – 19th century. Akan, Ghana. Ex-private collection London. £180


    A finely cast gold weight of an antelope with extended curved horns.19th century. Akan. Ghana.  Ex-private collection UK. L 35 mm H 25 mm £240

  • Figurative gold weight 19th century

    A fine bronze gold weight of a standing male figure from Ghana. Ex Seward Kennedy collection UK. 19th century, H 55 MM £350

  • Bronze gold weight of a buffalo

    An  18th – 19th-century bronze gold weight of a buffalo. Akan, Ghana. Ex-private collection Germany. L -5 cm. £240

  • Portrait of two bronze processional figures

    Two fine Benin bronze processional figures, one carrying a pig in a basket on its head and other with a wand in its hand. Mounted on a bronze base.Fon, Dahoney. Cica 1900.Ex UK collection. Length 14.5 cm. £390

  • Gold weight of a bird in a trap

    A finely cast Akan gold weight depicting a bird being caught in a trap.Ex Seward Kennedy collection UK. 19th century. L 37 mm £250

  • Miniature divination piece

    A very fine and early miniature divination piece depicting an embraced male and female. Bronze.Burkina Faso. Height –  5cm. 19th century. Private collection UK. £280

  • Miniature divination piece

    A very fine and early miniature divination piece depicting a male figure. Bronze.Burkina Faso. Height –  5cm. 19th century. Private collection UK. £280


  • Small shield

    A small curved wooden shield from the Meru  - Kenya.Pleasing shape and decorated with now faded paints of green and blue.Used as a ceremonial dance shield.Height  - 45cm. Price  -  £650 [comes with display stand]

  • Iron shield

    An early 20th-century iron shield from the Lake Turkana region.Iron with aluminium strip and handle at the back. Height  -  894cm on a metal display stand.Price – £850.

  • Shield Topoke

    Woven palm bark basketry at the rear. Decorated on the front with bands of white pigments,common with Topoke shields. In good overall condition.Early 20th century.Ex-private coll. UK. H – 95 cm. £950.

  • Hide shield

    Buffalo hide in a circular form with traditional decorations in natural pigments. Taturu people. Tanzania. D –  55cm. £750

  • Rare giraffe hide shield with white ostrich feathers

    A rare giraffe hide shield.Northern Kenya/border with Uganda.Typical in form to shields found in this region also extending up to Southern Sudan. Surmounted with white ostrich feathers. Wooden handle at the back, some loss of hair to the front of the shield. Early 20th century. Ex-private collection UK.  £1900

  • Hide shield

    Small nicely formed personal shield from Northen Kenya. Buffalo hide with wooden support at the back. Height  -  72 cm (including height of stick) £750

  • Turkana shield

    Tall hide shield. Coming from the northern region of Kenya. Lake Turkana region. Turkana tribe. Nicely formed in good condition. Early part 20th century. H – 132 cm. £1200  


    Early bell-shaped hide shield ‘glagwa’ coming from the Northern province of Cameroon.Animal hide with embossed lines and decorations.Highlighted with natural earth pigments of red.Early part 20th century with a leather handle at the rear.Ref. page 46 ‘Shields African, Southeast…..’  Ex-private coll. Height  -   Price  - £750

  • Tiny wicker dance shield

    A small ceremonial dance shield. Tight wicker weave with wicker handle. Wooden knob in the center. Shi – Eastern region of DRC and border with Rwanda.Shields like these are normally carried and danced with by the women.What makes these piece unusual is its size. Early 20th century. £ 450

  • Dance shield

    A early wooden dance shield decorated with pigments and traces of paint.Meru – Kenya.Carved in a light wood and slightly curved in form. Shields like this would have been used in ceremonial dance similar to other cultures in the Rift Valley region and neighboring regions ie the Kikuyu and  Tutsi in Rwanda.Height- 53cm. £ 750

  • Wooden shield

    A fine wooden dance shield. Rwanda/Eastern DRC. Decorated & now faded with natural pigments of red, black & white following the incised zigzag designs on the front. Native repair to the lower section of the shield.H – 58 cm. £650

  • Hide shield

    Buffalo hide shield. 19th century. Oromo region. Ethiopia. Diameter – 70 cm. £1500