• Early 20th century chair.Ethiopia

    A beautifully decorated and well patinated chair with one arm support. Gurage culture.Ethiopia.Early 20th century.Comfortable and strong. H – 59 cm. £650

  • Fine Congo stool

    A fine Luba/Zela? stool (or related people) DRC. A powerful female figure with arms raised supporting the seat platform. Carved from a dense heavy wood.The figure has scarification markings and aluminium inserted eyes. H – 35 cm. First half 20th century. CBDBHOO. Price – £2800

  • Headrest. Rendille.Kenya

    A fine Rendille headrest, Kenya. Beautifully formed with deep patina colour. L -  24 cm H – 16 cm. £340

  • Mende mask

    A fine Mende ‘Sowei’ mask. Sierra Leone. Serene expression with fine cross hatch hair style decoration. First half 20th century. H –  45 cm. £2800

  • Reclining chair

    A fine two piece reclining backrest/chair. 19th century. Ethiopia. Consisting of two pieces of wood, the backrest slotting into the base.The chair has a wonderful patina all over and elegant form. Length –  105 cm Height – 84 cm Wide – 50 cm. £1800

  • Tiny wicker dance shield.DRC

    A fine and rare tiny ceremonial dance shield. Tight wicker weave with wicker handle.BaShi – Eastern region of DRC and border with Rwanda.Shields like these are normally carried and danced with by women during ceremony.Early 20th century. H – 20.5 cm £ 480

  • Akan gold weight

    Fine Akan gold weight of a man cutting a palm tree. 19th century. H – 4 cm. Ex-private collection Germany. £280  (click on image for slideshow)

  • Baule spoon. Ivory Coast

    A fine Baule spoon with rich patina.Ivory Coast. Ex-private collection UK. First half 20th century. H – 32 cm . Comes on the custom made stand. Missing piece to lower section of cup.Collection number to handle. SOLD

  • Akan gold weight

    Fine Akan gold weight of a bird on a perch. 19th century.Ex private collection UK. 32 mm x 20 mm. £190 (comes on a wooden custom made display base)

  • Standing male figure.Tanzania

    Symbolising rank and prestige,this sculpture depicts a male figure standing on top of a stool,a common characteristic in East African sculpture.Ex private collection UK.Collected in the 1990’s.Deep lusty patina.H 60 cm. £1800

  • Small decorated dance shield. Kenya

    Small dance shield. Meru culture. Kenya. 37 cm x 16 cm. Mid 20th century or before. Curved in form with original decorations of red,black and white natural pigments. Central ridge running down the length of the shield.£680

  • Finely decorated gourd

    The gourd is beautifully decorated with images of people,plants and geometric designs. It has a fantastic traditional restoration repairing an old crack with the gourd finely stitched together.The stopped indicates that this gourd was also possibly used as a doll and well as a container.Tanzanian. H –  28 cm. Price  -  £480

  • Finely woven grass fibre baskets.Tutsi.Rwanda

    Very finely woven presentation baskets ‘Igiseke’. Tutsi people, Rwanda.First half 20th century.Fine grass fibres and natural dyes.Each basket is in good condition as from private European collections. Sizes from left to right – A 26 cm £850 , B 40 cm £1400, C 21 cm £750, D 27 cm £ 620

  • Stool. Kamba Kenya

    Early Kamba stool from Kenya with four supporting legs, old traditional sheet metal restoration to the seat. Early part 20th century. H – 29 cm D – 30 cm. £420

  • Stool. Lozi Zambia

    A small nicely formed stool with two V-shaped supports.Lozi culture,Zambia.Carved in a heavy wood with deep lusty patina. H – 20 cm   D – 19.5 cm. £420

  • Wooden shield

    A fine wooden dance shield. Rwanda/Eastern DRC. Decorated & now faded with natural pigments of red, black & white following the incised zigzag designs on the front. Native repair to the lower section of the shield. H – 58 cm. £650


    A rare type of stool symbolising rank and title. Hehe tribe. Iringa region. Tanzania. Early 20th century. H -40 cm D – 51 cm. £650

  • Tsonga headrest

    A fine Tsonga headrest. South Africa. Ex old UK collection. H – 13 cm. £750 (small missing part to base as show in photo)

  • Beaded stool

    Kamba, Kenya. A stool with four supporting legs, flat top decorated with small glass beads in the attractive design. First half 20th century. H – 39 cm. W – 35 cm. £450

  • Headrest/stool.Dinka

    A nicely formed headrest with three supporting legs and long curved support. Brown wood with shiny used patina. Dinka culture.Sudan. L -  47 cm. £ 650

  • 19th century palm wine cup

    A very early ceremonial palm wine container.Ngombe.DRC.The handle is decorated with early brass tacks and a mental chain which all appear to be the same period as the cup. 19th century.Ex Belgium collection.£580

  • Kifwebe mask

    Fine Kifwebe mask. Luba/Songye.DRC. Ex private collection Penn Kent. London. H- 42 cm. BTGEHOO. £5800

  • High backed chair.Ethiopia

    A large Ethiopian high backed chair with four curved supporting legs. Dark shiny patina. Beautiful form and in good condition. Large in size  H – 104 cm D – 56 cm Seat height  – 39 cm. £1500

  • Rare double tiered ceremonial stool

    A rare early double tiered ceremonial stool. Ashanti, Ghana. Early 20th century.Ex Jonathan Lowen collection, London. H -61 cm L – 65 cm W 37 cm. £850

  • Woven storage basket

    This type of traditional basket is used to store grain and other dry foods. Made from strips of woven flat fibre in two sections held in shape by a central bark binding and decorated with an abstract designs.Mid 20th century. Haha tribe – Southern Tanzania.  Diameter 40 cm. Height  - 31 cm.Price  -  £570

  • Fetish figure

    Fetish figure. Pare.Tanzania.Wood wrapped in layers of cloth with fetish material. Pre 1950′s. H – 25 cm. £1400

  • Ceremonial knife

    Ceremonial knife.’Poto’ Doko culture – DRC. Early 20th cent. H -62 cm. £850

  • Hide shield

    Small nicely formed personal shield from Northen Kenya. Buffalo hide with wooden support at the back. Height  -  72 cm (including height of stick) £750

  • Ceremonial knife

    Fine ceremonial knife. Kifwebe style. Songye DRC. Circa 1930′s. Ex-private Belgium collection. H- 40 cm.£1450


    A fine headrest/personal hand shield. Dinka, Southern Sudan.Wood with four inserted legs. Old aluminium decorations with woven cotton army shoulder strap.The underside of the headrest has a hand grip enabling the headrest to act as a small shield like weapon. L – 40 cm. £950

  • Cutting board

    A fine early Garage cutting board.Circa early 20th century, from central Ethiopia with good form and age.Abstract animal features, the pointed edges representing cow udders with four ‘legs’ two top and top bottom.Carved from one piece of heavy wood. Height  -  55cm.Price  - £580

  • Brass amulet

    A finely cast brass amulet. Senufo. Ivory Coast. First half 20th century. Ex-private collection Netherlands. H- 4 cm. Custom mounted. £450

  • Congo mask

    A fine Kuba/Lele mask (or sub group) DRC. Decorated with aluminium covering eyes and mouth. With original costume of raffia and animal hair. Ex Belgium private collection .H – 35 cm. Price on request

  • Figurative gold weight. 19th century

    A finely cast Akan gold weight of a man standing with his legs crossed, a flute in his mouth and a scorpion at his feet. 19th century. H – 44 mm. Ex-private German collection. £250

  • Figurative gold weight 19th century

    A fine bronze gold weight of a standing male figure from Ghana. Ex Seward Kennedy collection UK. 19th century, H 55 MM £350

  • Gold weight 19th century

    An unusual Akan gold weight from Ghana in abstract form.Ex-private collection UK. 19th century.L 115 mm W 42 mm £180

  • Fetish mask

     A early fetish mask – Luba ,DRC. Small wooden fetish mask adorned with forest snail shells, metal rings, feathers and raffia.H 22 cm. £850

  • Headrest L

    Afar. Ethiopia. Rare form of Afar headrest appearing animal in form. Carved with four splayed supporting legs (rare with Afar headrests) with fine crisscross decorations. Length -  21.5 cm. First half 20th century.£270

  • Dancing figure

    A fine Sukuma figure with movable arms & feet. Held around the mid-rift & used in traditional dance ceremonies to celebrate the end of year harvest when dances from each village would gather to compete for the prize of the best dancing troupe. Ex-private collection. The Netherlands.Early-mid 20th century. H – 59cm. £2600

  • Kete mask

    A fine Kuba Kete mask – DRC. The mask has a powerful expression with fine markings in natural pigments. Ex private collection London and Brussels. Price on request.