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  • Spiral currency. 19TH CENTURY.Cross River Region.Nigeria

    A  fine 19th-century spiral currency.Cross River Region, Nigeria. Ex private collection UK. L -  29 cm . £950

  • Mother and child figure. Kamba,Kenya

    A fine mother and child figure. Kamba, Kenya. 1930′s. A mother sitting on a small stool with a baby on her back. Ex-private collection UK.Height – 30 cm. £850 (click on image for slide show)

  • Standing figure. Doe culture,Tanzania

    A fine standing figure. Doe culture, Tanzania. Standing figure with arms holding its stomach. Beautiful glossy patina.Craved in a dense hard brown wood. Glass beaded eyes.Mid 20th century or before. H – 47 cm. £1800 (mounted on custom made base)

  • Miniture Lobi figure. Burkina Faso

    A fine miniature female figure.Lobi, Burkina Faso.H -  10.5 cm £450. Mid 20th century ex-private collection UK. Comes on a wooden custom made display base. (click on image for slideshow)

  • Gourd medicine container with finely carved stopped. Tanzania

    A gourd medicine container with a nicely carved wooden stopper depicting a mother with a baby on her back. Kaguru people, Tanzania. H – 22 cm. £850

  • Finely woven baskets.Tutsi,Rwanda

    Finely woven grass fiber baskets. Tutsi culture. Rwanda. Each first half 20th century.Ex private collection, Belgium. (left to right)  H -  26 cm – £780. H – 40 cm – £750. H  -  24 cm – £580

  • Large lidded basket. Tutsi,Rwanda

    Mid 20th century or before.Woven grass fiber on woven grass ring base. Tutsi culture Rwanda.H – 45 cm.£950

  • Headrest. Jile, Amhara region. Ethiopia

    Ethiopian headrest with smooth well used patina. Jile, Amhara region. Ethiopia. Etched decorations to the central support. H – 14.5 cm. £320

  • Granary Door lock

    Wooden door lock depicting a crocodile (a symbol of protection).Bambara culture – Mali.Full length crocodile figure with fine criss cross decorations.The lock comes with the wooden cross hatch (not shown in the photo) Mid 20th cent.H – 55cm. On display stand. £850

  • Ancestral FIGURE.Sukuma,tanzania

    Standing ancestral figure. Sukuma, Tanzania.  Wood, painted red with aluminium eyes and mouth.Worn and weather surface panting.Powerful expression.Lower section of feet eroded.Figure carved with arms missing.First half 20th century.H – 90 cm. £3800

  • Headrest/stool. Daasanech. Southern Ethiopia

    Headrest/stool. Daasanech.Southern Ethiopia. Carved from a dense light colour wood with burnt striped decoration on the two upright supports. Aluminium inlayed decorations of fine strips to either side of the neck support. Used patina. H – 17 cm. £380

  • Fine Dan mask.IVORY COAST

    A fine Dan mask.Ivory Coast. First half 20th century. Ex private collection Netherlands. H – 21 cm. £ 2600

  • Prestige staff. Wahaha – Tanzania

    Fine prestige staff.Haha tribe,Tanzania.Wood with inlayed white metal eyes.Beautiful smooth patina.Lovely form. H -  68 cm £850 (comes on custom made display stand)

  • Prestige hatchet. Mozambique

    A fine prestige hatchet from Mozambique (probably Makonde).The top of the shaft is decorated with geometric designs with a carved animal to one side.Metal blade.Beautiful patina.Ex private collection UK.First half 20th century.H -  49 cm £1800 (come on custom made stand)

  • Beautiful old harp.Senufo – Ivory Coast

    A fine and old stringed instrument,harp.Senufo – Ivory Coast.Ex Swiss collection. Wooden shaft with metal decoration at the top.Gourd base covered with animal hide.At the base where the strings are mounted on the gourd base is a abstract female form.In great condition considering its age.H – 72 cm. £1400

  • Animal mask. Makua -Tanzania

    Animal mask with great expression.Makua, Tanzania. Light wood with worn surface decorated with red paint, black in parts. H -  20 cm  (mask only) £1400 (on custom made display stand)

  • Stool. Bamileke – Cameroon

    A fine prestige stool. Bamileke, Cameroon.  Ex private collection UK.Lovely fur face patina.H -  42 cm. £1450 (click on image for slide show)

  • Figurative comb. Tanzania

    A fine and early figurative comb. Fipa people, western Tanzania. Female body, breasts and head with inserted white metal eyes.Well used patina. Some teeth damaged. First half 20th century. H -  29 cm. (excluding display stand) £1200 (click on image for slide show)

  • Fine ladle.Ivory Coast

    A fine wooden ladle with beautiful form and patina. Dan or Baule,Ivory Coast. Ex-private collection UK. H -  44 cm (excluding stand) £880 (click on image for slide show)

  • 5. Headrest. Garage culture. Ethiopia

    A nicely decorated and rare Ethiopian headrest coming from the Garage culture.Double tiered base with fine decorations.Traces of fat (white in colour) on the support and underside.H – 17.5 cm. £450

  • 3. Headrest. Ambo culture – Ethiopia

    Ambo culture.Ethiopia. Late 19th century. Circular base with central support.H – 16.5 cm.£350. Ex Pierre Loos collection Brussels.

  • Headrest. Boni – Somalia

    A very finely decorated Boni headrest.Somalia.Decorated with fine designs on both supporting arms,bottom and top.As far as form and quality of decorations goes,this is nearly as good as you can find on this type of headrest. H – 19 cm. £650 (click for slide show)

  • Ceremonial cup. Kuba – DRC

    A fine ceremonial palm wine vessel. Kuba, (or related group) DRC. Early 20th century 1920′s – 30′s. Ex private collection Brussels. H – 18 cm. £1100

  • Ceremonial hat ‘botolo’ DRC

    Ceremonial hat ‘botolo’.Ekonda people.DRC.Woven wicker frame decorated with natural pigments with brass disc. First half 20th century.Ex private collection Belgium. H -  37  cm. (excluding display stand) £1200

  • Female figure. Dogon – Mali

    A fine early Dogon figure, Mali. Standing female figure with hands raised above its head. Encrusted patina, ex-private Swiss collection, originally purchased Galerie Numaga, Neuchatel 1967. H 49 cm. £1600

  • Tall slender female figure. Laguru, Tanzania

    A female figure with fine slender proportions. Luguru,Tanzania. Carved with the figure holding her navel. Upright stance with legs slightly crouching. Fetish hole to the back side. H – 52 cm. First half 20th century. £2200

  • Comb. Ashanti – Ghana

    Finely decorated comb. Ashanti, Ghana. Top section decorated with a coat of arms and cross (early colonial influence), central section with detailed traditional Ashante motifs.In good condition.1st half 20th century or before. H – 27 cm. £450

  • Ceremonial gong beater. Baule – Ivory Coast

    Finely carved wooden gong beater. Baule, Ivory Coast. Spiral snake handle surmounted with a hornbill bird holding the cloth covered gong. ‘Gong strikers such as this were used by Baule diviners before a divination ritual to trigger the state of awareness …..’.Ex private Swiss collection. H – 27 cm (excluding stand) £850

  • Small ceremonial hand shield.Meru culture – Kenya

    Fine ceremonial dance shield.Meru culture – Kenya.Wood (one piece) and decorated with natural pigments of red and white. Good signs of use with nice worn patina on the handle.Mid 20th century or before.On custom made stand. H – 33 cm £780.

  • Pair of fine copper cuffs. Igbo – Nigeria

    A pair of fine quality copper cuffs. Igbo, Nigeria. 1st half 20th century 1930′s.Ex-private collection UK.H -  25 cm.£1200 pair

  • Terracotta storage container.Tanzania

    An unusual terracotta animal that would have been used by the traditional healer as a ritual container. There is a large opening on top of the body of the pig acting as the container.The whole piece has a crackled surface patina from ritual use. Pare culture. Tanzania. L -  32 cm. £1500

  • Bambara animal mask.Mali.Ex Josef Herman collection

    A fine early animal mask ‘hyena’ with wonderful animal like expression.  Bambara, Mali. Ex-collection of artist Josef Herman, London. In the slideshow photos you can see the mask hanging on the back wall with Herman sitting in the foreground.£4800 (click on image for slideshow)

  • Pende mask

    A fine western Pende mask.Classic features decorated with red and white pigments.Ex Museum collection (deaccession) USA. Numbered on the back. First half 20th century. £3400

  • Fetish mask

    Fetish mask. Luba,DRC. Small wooden fetish mask carved round in form like the larger Luba Kifwebe style masks. Adorned with forest snail shells, metal rings, feathers and raffia. Traces of dried ritual substances in the back of the mask. H 22 cm. £950  (click on image for slid show)

  • Fine bronze cuff. Lobi. Burkina Faso

    A beautifully cast bronze cuff coming from the Lobi culture in Burkina Faso. 1st half 20th century, Ex-private collection UK. H -  29.5 cm £1400

  • Yoruba mother and child figure

    A mother with twins figure.Yoruba, Nigeria. The mother kneeling holding an offering bowl with one child on her back the other by her side. Ex German collection. H -  25 cm £1650

  • Title staff

    A usual staff of 2 figures, M & F sitting facing in opposite directions. Each figure has in its forehead a fetish hole,  similar holes in other areas of the staff. Luba or Tabwa? DRC.Spiral form surmounted on a metal stand. Figures bound with wire and glass beads. Ex-private collection UK. H -  66 cm £2900

  • Mother and child. Dogon. Mali

    A fine mother and child figure. Dogon, Mali. The mother kneeling with upright stance holding her baby. Weathered surface whilst still keeping the body and facal features of the sculpture. Ex Seward Kennedy collection, London. H -  40 cm. £4500