• Tribal Gathering London

    If you would like further details or images on any piece listed on this page please don’t hesitate to get in contact. This can be done either via the ‘contact page’  or  art@tribalgatheringlondon.com  .Tel – + 44 7939 166148. *****this page has just been updated********  

  • Antelope gold weight. Akan.Ghana

    Fine cast of a antelope gold weight. Akan. Ghana. 18th -19th century. Ex private collection UK. Antelopes make frequent appearances in the iconography and are subject to many exaggerations and simplifications. L – 5 cm. £180

  • Three fine bronze gold dust spoons. Akan.

    Three finely made beaten brass spoons used for measuring gold dust. 17th – 18th century. Akan. Ghana. L – 7 cm.11 cm.12 cm. £240 group of three. Ex private collection UK.

  • Broze tortoise gold weight. Akan. Ghana

    Bronze amulet diviner piece. Senufo. Ivory Coast.Flat casting with spiral back design, Raised dot decoration in the centre. Diameter 65 cm. 19th century or before.Ex Seward Kennedy collection. £220

  • Finely cast bronze bell gold weight.Ghana

    A very finely cast bronze bell form either used as a gold weigh or pendant. Cast hollow with fine spiral decorations all over . 18th century. Ex Steward Kennedy collection, London. H – 60 mm. £220

  • Mitsogo mask. Gabon

    Fine Mitsogo mask. Gabon. Ex Belgium private collection. First half 20th century. £3200

  • Bronze female figure. Delta region

    A fine early cast bronze female figure. Delta region, Mali and Burkina Faso.19th century or before. Ex Seward Kennedy collection.London. H – 61mm. £650

  • Bronze horseman figure.Kotoko.Chad

    A fine small bronze horseman figure. Kotoko civilization,Chad.  Believed to bring good luck or blessings of the gods, “Kotoko Equestrians” are personal items most often worn as pendants on necklaces or bracelets, which represent a source of spiritual strength for their owners. H – 35 mm. Ex private collection London. £350

  • Finely decoreted palm wine cup. Kuba – DRC

  • 19th century palm wine cup. Ngombe DRC

  • Fine early Tsonga neckrest

    This fine and rare 19th century Tsonga neckrest was carved with the base also acting as a form of personal storage container. It is in good condition and decorated with early brass tacks. Ex private collection UK. £1800

  • Large wooden bowl early 20th century.Ethiopia

    A large in form and finely decorated on the back wooden bowl from Ethiopia. Household bowls like this impressive piece would have been hung on the wall with the design facing outwards so acting also as a form of visual decoration. Early part 20th century. Diameter-49 cm Depth 20cm. £380

  • Mother and child figure.Tanzania

    A fine early mother and child figure. Kaguru – Tanzania.The mother sitting on a stool holding her baby on her lap.Height  -  47  cm. £2200

  • Fine large Nupe stool. Nigeria. Early 20th century

    A fine Nupe stool with good proportions. Early 20th century,Nigeria. Carved with ten supporting legs, decorated flat top with fine geometric designs. H –  30 cm. Diameter – 45 cm. £680

  • Ethiopian high back chair

    Medium in size with three curved supporting lets.Late 19th century. Good form and condition. H 83 cm. Diameter –  47 cm. £950

  • Pair of figures.Male and female.Baule,Ivory Coast

    A pair of early 20th century Baule figures. Male and female, Ivory Coast. Both with very finely carved features and coiffure. Encrusted patinas due to age. Ex Herbert Riesser NY 1967. Ex Pen Kent collection UK . Height  -  30cm. Price on request.

  • Ceremonial knife. Songye DRC

    Fine ceremonial knife. Kifwebe style. Songye DRC. Circa 1930′s. Ex private Belgium collection. H- 40 cm.£1800

  • Early Bongo figure.Sudan

    Fine early Bongo ancestral figure. Southern Sudan.Late 19th – early 20th century. Dense heavy wood with weathered surface.Metal inserted eyes.H – 138 cm. Price on request. BDGGEO

  • 19th century Ethiopian high backed chair.

    A large and unusual late 19th century Ethiopian high backed throne.Coming from the Jimma region.Carved from a heavy brown wood,supported by three curved legs with a rare cut out cross design on the back rest. Nice patina and in good condition. H – 101 cm . W – 57 cm. £1900.

  • Bronze pendant. Tellem. 18th century.

    Fine early bronze pendant. Tellem. Mali.  18th century. H –  35 mm.Ex Seward Kennedy collection – London. £550

  • Fine figurative gold weight.Ghana

    A finely cast Akan gold weight. Ghana. 19th century. Depicting a man holding a staff with a bundle on his head. Ex private collection UK.Height – 3cm. £750

  • Fine early Akan gold weight

    Gold weight of a bird. 18th – 19th century. Akan,Ghana. Ex private collection London. £180

  • Akan gold weight. Ghana

    Palm tree gold weight. Akan,Ghana.19th century. H – 4 cm.£150 (including wooden display base)

  • Akan gold weight. Ghana

    A fine old Akan gold weight. 18th -19th century. Ghana.H – 4 cm.Ex private collection UK. SOLD  

  • Gold weight.Ghana. 18th – 19th Cent.

    Bird gold weight. Ghana. 18th-19th century. Ex private collection UK.H – 46 mm. £280

  • Akan gold weight. Canoe. Ghana

    Canoe gold weight. Akan. Ghana. 18th century. L – 65mm. £150

  • Reclining chair. 19th century. Ethiopia

    A fine two piece reclining back rest/chair. 19th century. Ethiopia. Consisting of two pieces of wood,the back rest slotting into the base.The chair has a wonderful patina all over and elegant form. Length –  105 cm Height – 84 cm Wide – 50 cm. £1800

  • Fine reclining chair. 1920′s. Senufo. Ivory Coast

    A fine reclining chiefs chair. Senufo. The chair has a beautiful patina. The arm rests are carved as two birds heads,the leopard print velvet a later edition, possible added in France around 1950′s.The leg rests extend out and are removable. The chair is extremely comfortable and strong. L –  180 cm W – 62 cm..£1900

  • Highlands shield. Southern Highlands. Papua New Guinea.

    Ceremonial war shield. Lai Valley, Southern Highlands. Papua New Guinea. H- 120 cm W – 42 cm. Price on request.

  • Highlands shield. Southern Highlands.Papua New Guinea

    Ceremonial war shield. Napa Valley,Southern Highlands. Circle design decorated with red pigments. H- 117 cm x 46 cm. £2800

  • Eastern Highlands ceremonial war shield. Papua New Guinea

    Ceremonial war shield. Eastern Highlands.Papua New Guinea.Rare form of highlands shield with linear design and dots.Decorated with natural earth pigments.H  -  160 cm. Wide 62 cm. Price on request. BCGCHOO

  • Large Western Highlands ceremonial war shield. Papua New Guinea.

    Striking ceremonial war shield with sun design coming from the Wahgi Valley,Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea. H – 164 cm Wide  -  66 cm. Price on request.BDFDEOO

  • Stool with zoomorphic form. Ethiopia

    A unusual early stool formed from the branch of a tree with four supporting legs. Well worn patina,great ‘animal’ presence. Length – 65 cm. £650

  • East African beaded stool

    Kamba, Kenya.A stool with four supporting legs, flat top decorated with small glass beads in attractive design.First half 20th century. H – 39 cm. W – 35 cm. £450

  • Early 20th century Lobi stool

    A fine early 20th century stool with good form and age. Four powerful supporting legs with central phallic form. Lobi people – Burkina Faso.Early 20th century. L -71 cm H – 38 cm. Price  -  £550

  • Ethiopian coffee table

    Decorated with oil colours,green,yellow and red.Now faded and worn but still very beautiful.Traditionally used as a table to serve and present coffee.First half 20th century.Carved from one piece.Ethiopia.H – 37 cm W – 43 cm £580

  • Ceremonial hat. Makonde. Mozambique. First half 20th century.

    Ceremonial hat. Makonde – Mozambique. Bird feathers attached to a circular woven grass frame.Decorated with a strip of early glass beads,red and white with animal hair attached. This hat would have been worn in ceremonials flat ontop of the head as a symbol of importance and prestige. £650

  • Wooden bowl. Afar -Ethiopia

    Probably stone cut from a piece of very heavy dense wood. Organic form with good age and patina. Probably late 19th to early 20th century.Coming from the Afar desert,Ethiopia. Diameter – 37 cm. £240

  • Wooden bowl. Early 20th century. Tuareg – Mali and Burkina Faso

    A lovely old wooden bowl with beautiful form and patina. Early 20th century. Sahara region,Mali or Burkina Faso. L –  58 cm W – 34 cm  .Price – £380

  • Woven storage basket. Southern Tanzania.Mid 20th century or before.

    This type of traditional basket is used to store grain and other dry foods. Made from strips of woven flat fibre in two sections held in shape by a central bark binding and decorated with a abstract designs.Mid 20th century. Haha tribe – Tanzania.  Diameter 40 cm. Height  - 31 cm.Price  -  £570