• Important ceremonial girdle. Kuba

    An important ceremonial girdle.Kuba, DRC. Worn by a Kuba chief as a prestige belt acting as a symbol of wealth and importance. The belt has nine larger than normal attachments comprising of rare shell shells, others wrapped and the outer layer decotated with tiny glass beads and cowie shells. Ex private collection Germany. Mounted – …

  • Female figure.Mossi

    A fine female figure with wonderful abstract proportions. Mossi culture. Burkina Faso. Carved and brown wood with burnt in decorations. First half 20th century. Ex private collection UK. H – 35 cm. £1450 (custom mounted) Click on image for slide show

  • Animal mask. Luba

    Baboon mask Luba – DRC Animal mask depicting a fierce baboon Powerful expression Part a series of animal masks that were created by Luba artists around the 1960s and used in traditional dance H – 33 cm £4500

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  • Rare flat weave raffia fibre textile. DRC

    A rare finely woven flat weave raffia fibre textile. Late 19th century.Possible Tetela or related group (but not Kuba). DRC. Ex private collection Brussels. Only around 12 known examples of this type of raffia textile exist in private collections. Mounted.46 cm x 50 cm. £1100

  • Deangle mask.Dan. Ivory Coast

    Fine ‘deangle’ mask. Dan people.Ivory Coast. Carved in a dense wood with typically fine facial features, fine nose, parted lips with white metal teeth. Collected 1968 and well used before this time. Ex-private collection Germany, Hermann Sommerhage. H – 26 cm. £3800. Click on image for slide show.

  • Milk container. Zulu

    Fine milk container. Zulu culture.Southern Africa. Beautiful form carved with two ‘breasts’ on either side. The double bands carved on the lower section and with a rounded base. Carved from a dense brown wood. Nice patina. H – 31 cm. £1450

  • Animal mask. Tanzania

    Animal mask depicting a hunting dog. Makua culture. Tanzania/Mozambique. Carved from a semi-light brown with wonderful primal expression. Ex Walter Hekster collection, Amsterdam. L – 20 cm. £1850. Click on image for slide show

  • Pair of flutes. Bameleke

    Two fine wooden flutes. Bameleke people.Cameroon. Coming from two different private European collections but possibly from the same hand. Wonderful interplay of two abstract human figures. First half 20th century. H – 30 cm. £2800 pair. Click on image for slide show

  • Aboriginal shield Western Desert

    A finely incised Western Desert Aboriginal shield. 1st half 20th century.Ex private collection Brussels. H – 82 cm. £2800. Click on image for slide show.

  • Fine Sukuma mask. Tanzania

    A fine Sukuma mask with powerful expression. Tanzania. Carved from a brown dense wood and decorated with red pigment. Prominent chin with square angular month.Long nose with unusual ‘double’ eyes. Good age,1950’s or there abouts. H – 33 cm. Custom mounted. £3400

  • Chieftains necklace. Lega

    Chieftains necklace.Lega culture. DRC. Antique transparent blue glass beads strung with three animal claws. £480. Ex private collection UK. Click on image for slide show

  • Iron currency.19th century. Nigeria

    A  fine 19th-century Iron currency ‘Manilla’ in spiral coiled form. Igbo people. Nigeria. Ex private collection UK. L –  29 cm . £950. Custom mounted. Click on image for slide show.


    A finely decorated upper arm band.Tanzanian coastal region.Wood with leather binding. L 14 cm. £680

  • Pair of fine copper cuffs. Igbo – Nigeria

    A pair of fine quality copper cuffs. Igbo, Nigeria. 1st half 20th century 1930’s.Ex-private collection UK.H –  25 cm.£1200 pair

  • Stool/backrest. Ngombe.DRC

    A fine stool/backrest. Ngombe people. DRC. Curved form with fine etched decorations. First-quarter 20th century. H – 40 cm. (excluding the stand) £850. Click on image for slide show


    Bronze pendant. Ivory Coast. L – 10 cm. Crescent form depicting a snake catching a frog.Nice worn patina.Early 20th century. Ex European collection. £450 (on display stand)

  • Large upper arm bracelet. Gurunsi

    A fine and large example of a Gurunsi bracelet.Ivory.Burkina Faso. Nice curved form and milky white/yellow patina. Late 19th to early 20th century. Height  – 25 cm. Width – 15 cm. Custom mounted. £1250. Click on image for slide show.

  • Fine bronze pendant. Ivory Coast

    A finely cast bronze pendant, Baule. Ivory Coast .Ex Seward Kennedy collection London. 7 cm x 4.5 cm. £580 Mounted.Click on image for slide show


    Fine rare form of bronze pendant. Burkina Faso. Nice worn patina.Early 20th century. Diameter – 9 cm. Ex private European collection. £450 (on display stand)


    A rare Maasai ear adornment.  Kenya. Late 19th/early 20th century. Ex missionary collection Scotland. Beautiful form and decorations. In good condition. Mounted. H – 9.5 cm. £950. Click on image for slide show


    Nicely cast bronze ring of a horseman. Dogon. Mali. Ex Seward Kennedy collection UK. H – 6 cm. £550 . Custom mounted.

  • East African thumb piano ‘kalimba’

    A fine early Tanzanian thumb piano ‘kalimba’.Wooden base with metal keys. This style of thumb piano is one of the earliest forms made of the box based form found in Tanzania throughout the 20th century. H – 31 cm (excluding mount) £480


    A fine stringed instrument. Kwere culture.Tanzania. Surmounted with a beautifully carved mother and child figure with worn smooth patina. Lower chamber cover with animal hide and finely decorated with geometric designs typical to the Kwere culture. H – 83 cm. (as on stand H – 95 cm) £1600

  • Musical instrument.Tanzania

    A fine string instrument.Tanzania. Carved from a flat piece wood, decorated with abstract designs on the front. Surmounted with seated male and female figures. Strings are made from wire. First half 20th century. The instrument is functional and playable. Ex European collection. H – 53 cm. £875. Click on image for slide show


    Finely carved musical instrument.Curved shaft surmounted with a beautifully carved crouching female figure. Encrusted patina. Kwere culture.Tanzania.H – 48 cm (excluding display stand) £1200

  • Woven storage basket.Tanzania

    This type of traditional basket is used to store grain and other dry foods. Made from strips of woven flat fiber in two sections held in shape by a central bark binding and decorated with an abstract designs.Mid 20th century. Haha tribe – Southern Tanzania.  Diameter 40 cm. Height  – 31 cm.Price  –  £570

  • Presentation trays. Agakoko. Tutsi

    Presentation trays. ‘Agakoko’. Tutsi people. Rwanda. Made from fine strands of grass in attractive zig zag and interlocking diamond designs. Kept by Tutsi families as a symbol of wealth. 1st half 20th century.Ex private collection Belgium. Sold separately.L to R – 12 cm.10 cm.16 cm. £350 each.Click on image for slide show

  • Flat weave raffia textile. DRC

    A fine and rare finely woven flat weave raffia fibre textile. Late 19th century.Possible Tetela. DRC. Ex Pierre Loos collection Brussels. Mounted.41 cm x 60 cm. £950

  • Wooden staff. Fipa culture. Tanzania

    Hunters staff. Fipa culture, western Tanzania. Carved from a forked branch of a tree with smooth shiny patina and metal eyes. Would have been carried across the shoulders by the owner. H – 90 cm. £850. Click on image for slide show.

  • Female figure. Senufo. Ivory Coast

    A fine  old Senufo female figure.Ivory Coast.The seated figure with upright posture slightly leaning forward with her arms resting on her thighs. Eroded surface around the head and neck where it has been exposed to weathering over time.Ex Adam Prout UK . H – 62 cm (including base) £3500.

  • Female figure. Hemba. DRC

    Female figure. Hemba. DRC. Ex Pen Kent collection.London. Pen Kent was the ex governor of the Bank of England in the late 80’s early 90’s.He had a keen interest in African Tribal Art and collected most of his pieces via auctions in London up till late 1990’s.H – 37 cm  £3200

  • Ancestral figure. Igbo. Nigeria

    A fine and early ancestral shine figure. Igbo culture. Nigeria. Ex private collection Turin,Italy. First half 20th century. Wood with natural pigments.H – 95 cm . £6500. Click on image for slide show.

  • Mother and child figure.TANZANIA

    A fine early mother and child figure. Kaguru – Tanzania.The mother sitting on a stool holding her baby on her lap.Carved in a dense brown hardwood.First half 20th century.Height  –  47  cm. £2200

  • Pair of small Baule figures.Ivory Coast

    A pair of small male and female figures. Baule.Ivory Coast. Early 20th century. Ex Pen Kent collection London. Collected in New York at Camp Gallery 1975.Wood with thick encrusted patina.Stands of white glass beads. H – 14 cm. £1200 pair

  • Fine Makonde spatula. Mozambique

    A fine spatula surmounted with two finely carved heads. Makonde, Mozambique. First half 20th century. Ex private collection France. H  – 58 cm. Good overall condition. £2800. (click on image for slide show)

  • Mother and child. Dogon. Mali

    A fine mother and child figure. Dogon, Mali. The mother kneeling with upright stance holding her baby. Weathered surface whilst still keeping the body and facal features of the sculpture. Ex Seward Kennedy collection, London. H –  40 cm. £3800

  • Female figure. Kaguru. Tanzania

    Maternity figure. Kaguru culture. Tanzania. The female figure with both hands resting on her stomach. Dense wood with worn patina,shiny in parts where handled. Glass beaded eyes. H – 34 cm (excluding base)  £1800

  • Mother and child fragment.Lobi.

    An early fragment of a mother with a child on her back. Possibly of Lobi people, Burkina Faso.Ex Belgium private collection.H – 12 cm. Medium density wood with smooth black patina. Traces of burnt areas.Early 20th century. £580. Click on image for slide show.