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    Welcome, if you would like more images or details on any of the pieces listed here please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email or phone. art@tribalgatheringlondon.com  T – + 44 7939 166148. For payment,we accept credit card,PayPal or bank transfer. Thanks Bryan Reeves


  • Large prestige stool.Bamelike, Cameroon

    A large and impressive prestige stool.Bamelike, Cameroon. A group of six buffalo’s supporting a flat circular base. Carved from one piece with a deep lusty patina. Early 20th century. Ex private collection UK. H- 40 cm  D – 56 cm. £1600

  • Fine Mbunda mask. Zambia

    A powerful Mbunda mask with great expression. The border region of Zambia and Angola. 1940′s – 1950′s. D – 46 cm. £6500


    A fine headrest/personal hand shield. Dinka, Southern Sudan.Wood with four inserted legs. Old aluminium decorations with woven cotton army shoulder strap.The underside of the headrest has a hand grip enabling the headrest to act as a small shield like weapon. L – 40 cm. £950

  • Double food bowl.Zambia

    A fine double food bowl. Lozi tribe. Zambia.Mid 20th century.  L -  53 cm. £750

  • Headrest. Uganda

    Headrest. Karamajong culture.Northern Uganda. Fienly decorated on both supports bound together with leather strap also acting as the handle. Ex private collection UK. H – 16 cm. £340  (click on image for slide show)

  • Zulu hat

    Hat.Zulu,Southern Africa.Woven hair coloured with natural pigments of red ochre.Mid 20th century. D – 40 cm. £900 (comes on custom made display stand)

  • Mother and child figure

    A fine early mother and child figure. Kaguru – Tanzania.The mother sitting on a stool holding her baby on her lap.Carved in a dense brown hardwood.First half 20th century.Height  -  47  cm. £2200

  • Woven plant fibre wall panels. Mongo, DRC 1930′s

    Three mounted woven bark fiber decorative wall panels. Mongo culture, DRC. 1930′s. Ex-private collection.Brussels. L – 118 cm H – 56 cm. £950 (mounted) – SOLD -

  • Stool Uganda and DRC

    Beautifully formed stool from northern Uganda border with DRC.Mangbetu influence in its shape.Early 20th century. Attractive decorations to the lower support. Nice patina.Early 20th century. D – 37 cm H – 26 cm. £680

  • Cutting board

    A fine early Garage cutting board.Circa early 20th century, from central Ethiopia with good form and age.Abstract animal features, the pointed edges representing cow udders with four ‘legs’ two top and top bottom.Carved from one piece of heavy wood. Height  -  55cm.Price  - £580

  • Kifwebe mask

    Fine Kifwebe mask. Luba/Songye.DRC. Ex private collection Penn Kent. London. H- 42 cm. BTGEHOO. £5800

  • Small ceremonial hand shield.Meru culture – Kenya

    Fine ceremonial dance shield.Meru culture – Kenya.Wood (one piece) and decorated with natural pigments of red and white. Good signs of use with nice worn patina on the handle.Mid 20th century or before.On custom made stand. H – 33 cm £780.

  • Headrest. Uganda

    Headrest. Karamajong culture.Northern Uganda.Fienly decorated on both supports bound together with leather strap also acting as the handle.Early restoration with aluminium at the top of one support. Ex private collection UK. H – 18 cm. £340  (click on image for slide show)

  • Kuba cup

    Fine anthropomorphic drinking vessel. Kuba, DRC. First half 20th century.Ex private Belgium collection. £900

  • Small Ethiopian chair. 19th century

    A fine and nicely formed small high backed Ethiopian chair. Beautiful patina with curved back support.Unusual and attractive cut out decoration on the back support.Three supporting legs.Late 19th to early 20th century. H – 69 cm. £780

  • Dancing figure

    A fine Sukuma figure with movable arms & feet. Held around the mid-rift & used in traditional dance ceremonies to celebrate the end of year harvest when dances from each village would gather to compete for the prize of the best dancing troupe. Ex-private collection. The Netherlands.Early-mid 20th century. H – 59cm. £2600

  • 2. Tsonga headrest.Southern Africa

    Tsonga headrest with one central support decorated with geometric designs on both sides,similar designs on the lugs of either end of the curved support.Ex private collection UK. First half 20th century. H  – 15 cm. £580

  • Ceremonial skirt. Cameroon grasslands

    A rare grass fiber ceremonial skirt. Cameroon grasslands. First half 20th century.Grass fiber, bronze bells, cowrie shells and tiny glass beads.Ex Clive Loveless, London. H – 57 cm L – 95 cm (comes mounted) £1650


    A fine and early beaded ceremonial skirt. Iraqw culture. Tanzania. Early glass bead on thin strips of animal hide. Early 20th century.Comes mounted on a display board.  £1800

  • Stool. Lozi Zambia

    A small nicely formed stool with two V-shaped supports.Lozi culture,Zambia.Carved in a heavy wood with deep lusty patina. H – 20 cm   D – 19.5 cm. £420

  • Kete mask

    A fine Kete mask – Dem. Republic Congo. Mask with powerful expression,fine markings in natural pigments of yellow,white and red.Pointed protruding eyes with metal tips. Ex estate (collection) Penn Kent,London. Ex Lavuun Quackelbeen,Brussels. 1st half 20th century. H – 47 cm. £3800

  • Mende mask

    A fine Mende ‘Sowei’ mask. Sierra Leone. Serene expression with fine cross hatch hair style decoration. First half 20th century. H –  45 cm. £3800

  • Female fetish figure. Fipa,Tanzania

    Fetish figure. Fipa culture,Lake Tanganyika region,Tanzania.Figure standing upright with legs slightly bent,both arms resting on her stomach. Fetish cavity in the stomach covered with a mirror and loose beads.Another fetish cavity with a broken horn at the top of the head. Decorated with stands of early beads.H – 31 cm. £950

  • Spiral currency. 19TH CENTURY.Cross River Region.Nigeria

    A  fine 19th-century spiral currency.Cross River Region, Nigeria. Ex private collection UK. L -  29 cm . £950

  • Fine Makonde spatula. Mozambique

    A fine spatula surmounted with two finely carved heads. Makonde,Mozambique. First half 20th century. Ex private collection France. H  – 58 cm. Good over all condition. £3600. (click on image for slid show)

  • Mother and child figure. Kamba,Kenya

    A fine mother and child figure. Kamba, Kenya. 1930′s. A mother sitting on a small stool with a baby on her back. Ex-private collection UK.Height – 30 cm. £850 (click on image for slide show)


    A finely carved wooden spoon. Zulu,Southern Africa. Good condition.First half 20th century. Ex private collection UK. H -  35 cm. £340. Comes custom mounted. (click on image for slide show)


    A fine small standing man fetish figure. Sagara tribe,Tanzania. Upright stance with fetish hole at the top of the head. Beaded eyes,1st half 20th century. H – 15 cm. £550. Comes on custom made mount. (click on image for slide show)

  • Gourd medicine container with finely carved stopped. Tanzania

    A gourd medicine container with a nicely carved wooden stopper depicting a mother with a baby on her back. Kaguru people, Tanzania. H – 22 cm. £850

  • Finely woven baskets.Tutsi,Rwanda

    Finely woven grass fiber baskets. Tutsi culture. Rwanda. Each first half 20th century.Ex private collection, Belgium. (left to right)  H -  26 cm – £780. H – 40 cm – £750. H  -  24 cm – £580

  • Tsonga headrest

    Fine Tsonga headrest, Southern Africa. Ex Terry Pethica collection UK. Early 20th century. £1650

  • Headrest. Jile, Amhara region. Ethiopia

    Ethiopian headrest with smooth well used patina. Jile, Amhara region. Ethiopia. Etched decorations to the central support. H – 14.5 cm. £320

  • Granary Door lock

    Wooden door lock depicting a crocodile (a symbol of protection).Bambara culture – Mali.Full length crocodile figure with fine criss cross decorations.The lock comes with the wooden cross hatch (not shown in the photo) Mid 20th cent.H – 55cm. On display stand. £850

  • Ancestral FIGURE.Sukuma,tanzania

    Standing ancestral figure. Sukuma, Tanzania.  Wood, painted red with aluminium eyes and mouth.Worn and weather surface panting.Powerful expression.Lower section of feet eroded.Figure carved with arms missing.First half 20th century.H – 90 cm. £3800

  • Fine Dan mask.IVORY COAST

    A fine Dan mask.Ivory Coast. First half 20th century. Ex private collection Netherlands. H – 21 cm. £ 2600

  • Prestige staff. Wahaha – Tanzania

    Fine prestige staff.Haha tribe,Tanzania.Wood with inlayed white metal eyes.Beautiful smooth patina.Lovely form. H -  68 cm £850 (comes on custom made display stand)

  • Prestige hatchet. Mozambique

    A fine prestige hatchet from Mozambique (probably Makonde).The top of the shaft is decorated with geometric designs with a carved animal to one side.Metal blade.Beautiful patina.Ex private collection UK.First half 20th century.H -  49 cm £1800 (come on custom made stand)

  • Beautiful old harp.Senufo – Ivory Coast

    A fine and old stringed instrument,harp.Senufo – Ivory Coast.Ex Swiss collection. Wooden shaft with metal decoration at the top.Gourd base covered with animal hide.At the base where the strings are mounted on the gourd base is a abstract female form.In great condition considering its age.H – 72 cm. £1400