• Iron currency.19th century. Nigeria

    A  fine 19th-century Iron currency ‘Manilla’ in spiral coiled form. Igbo people. Nigeria. Ex private collection UK. L -  29 cm . £950. Custom mounted. Click on image for slide show.

  • Fine Kaffa headrest.Ethiopia

    Fine Ethiopian headrest. Elegant form with beautiful patina. Kaffa region.South West Ethiopia. Ex-private collection Belgium. 19th century.£580. Click on image for slide show.

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    An impressive large ceremonial head adornment. Konkomba. Northern Ghana. Woven fibre base adorned with cowrie shells surmounted with two impressive antelope horns. Decorative leather strap with red cloth attached. First half 20th century. Ex private collection Oxford,UK. Mounted on custom made stand with wooden base.H – 77 cm £1100.

  • Club/staff. Dinka. Southern Sudan

    A beautifully formed Dinka prestige club/staff. Southern Sudan. First half 20th century. Elegant tapered form,mushroom shaped head. Lovely goldern patina. H – 74 cm. £900. Mounted.

  • Female figure. Lwene/Chokwe

    Standing figure with the arms clasped behind the shoulders. Brass tacks decorate the face with cross markings on the cheeks,slightly oiling surface patina with good wear from handling.Coming from the Lwena/Chokwe – Angola/ Zambia. Ex Belgium collection. H -  23 cm. £950. Click on image for slide show.

  • Terracotta mask. Makonde

    An early ceremonial terracotta mask. Makonde culture. Mozambique. Terracotta shell decorated with natural pigments. Fine facial markings,natural hair and cloth binding. Diameter  -  19 cm. On custom made display stand.Ex private German collection. £1500


    Passport mask. Dan culture. Ivory Coast. Ex Penn Kent collection London. Before that purchased early 80′s from Len Morley,Paris. H – 10.5 cm. £650. Click on image for slide show.

  • Animal mask. Makua. Tanzania

    A very unusual animal mask,wild mouse or cat? Makua people,Tanzania. Wooden mask and decorated with red . Inserted animal teeth and tiny glass beads. Ex private German collection. H – 30 cm. £2400

  • Pair of small Baule figures.Ivory Coast

    A pair of small male and female figures. Ivory Coast. Early 20th century. Ex Pen Kent collection London. Collected in New York at Camp Gallery 1975.Wood with thick encrusted patina.Stands of white glass beads. H – 14 cm. £1200 pair

  • Tsonga headrest.Southern Africa

    Tsonga headrest with one central support decorated with geometric designs on both sides,similar designs on the lugs of either end of the curved support.Ex private collection UK. Early 20th century. H  – 15 cm. £580. Click on image for slide show.

  • Headrest. Zulu. Southern Africa

    A fine quality and rarer form of  a Zulu headrest. Good condition with lovely patina.Ex private collection Terry Pethica. UK. L -  49 cm  £1850. Click on image for slide show.

  • Mask. Ziba. Tanzania

    A fine Ziba mask.Western Tanzania.Ex private collection UK. Field collected in Tanzania in the 1990′s. H – 35 cm. £2800. Click on image for slide show

  • 19th century hide shield. Ethiopia

    Hippopotamus hide shield. Oromo. Ethiopia. 19th century. Beautiful finely decorated shield in good condition.Handle at the rear. Ex private family collection Addis Ababa. Diameter 80 cm. £1500

  • Fine pair of ceremonial potS. Zande. Sudan/DRC

    A rare pair of ceremonial pots. Zande. Southern Sudan/DRC. Male & female made from the same hand. Field collected 1990′s & ex private coll. UK. Shavings have been removed from the ears & neck of the female,possibly then used in healing rituals. 1st half 20th cent. H – 44 cm. 46 cm. £3800 pair.


    A fine stringed instrument. Kwere culture.Tanzania. Surmounted with a beautifully carved mother and child figure with worn smooth patina. Lower chamber cover with animal hide and finely decorated with geometric designs typical to the Kwere culture. H – 83 cm. (as on stand H – 95 cm) £1600

  • Meat platter.Zulu

    A beautifully decorated Zulu meat platter.Southern Africa. H – 46 cm. £890.Custom mounted. Click on image for slid show.

  • Finely carved 19th century bamboo document holder

    An exquisitely carved bamboo reed document or quiver holder. Late 19th century. Scenes depicting an Ottoman harbour. In all likelihood carved by the Algerian master carver Hamouda i bn Elhaj. L – 28 cm. £1500. Click on image for slide show.

  • Headrest. Dinka.Southern Sudan

    Headrest in curved form with multiple supporting legs.Woven leather strap attached.Good condition,nice used patina with no restorations. L – 40 cm. £900. Click on image for slide show.

  • Luba Kifwebe mask. DRC

    Fine early Luba/Songwe Kifwebe mask.DRC. Good old Kifwebe mask,1930′s (test certificate) Ex collection Penn Kent. London. Pen Kent was the ex governor of the Bank of England late 80′s to 90′s who collected most of his pieces via London auctions and dealers in the 80′- 90′s. H- 42 cm.  £5800.Click on image for slide show.

  • Reclining child’s chair. Ivory Coast

    A fine early small reclining chair. Ivory Coast. Lovely worn patina.Early 20th century. Ex Seward Kennedy collection UK. H – 34 cm L – 40 cm. £490

  • Ancestral figure. Igbo. Nigeria

    A fine and early ancestral shine figure. Igbo culture. Nigeria. Ex private collection Turin,Italy. First half 20th century. Wood with natural pigment.H – 95 cm . £6500. Click on image for slide show.

  • Female figure. Senufo. Ivory Coast

    A fine  old Senufo female figure.Ivory Coast.The seated figure with upright posture slightly leaning forward with her arms resting on her thighs. Eroded surface around the head and neck where it has been exposed to weathering over time.Ex Adam Prout UK . H – 62 cm (including base) £3800.

  • Female figure. Hemba. DRC

    Female figure. Hemba. DRC. Ex Pen Kent collection.London. Pen Kent was the ex governor of the Bank of England in the late 80′s early 90′s.He had a keen interest in African Tribal Art and collected most of his pieces via auctions in London up till late 1990′s.H – 37 cm  £3200

  • Mother and child.Tanzania

    Mother and child. Kwere culture. Tanzania. Small figure with mother standing upright,pointed breasts with baby on her back. Dark wood with encrusted patina. H – 22 cm (excluding base) £1200. Click on image for slide show.

  • Fine Akuaba doll. Ashante. Ghana

    A fine rare type of Akuaba doll. Ashante. Ghana.Larger in size to the normal Akuaba doll,with extended neck with multiple rings or ridges. Beautifully carved features.Ex Adam Prout. UK. H- 44 cm. Custom mounted.£2800. Click on image for slide show.

  • Snuff containers. Namibia

    Left to right.(bone snuff) L – 16 cm  £270 (white metal snuff) L – 21 cm. £380

  • Snuff container. Tanzania

    Snuff container.First half 20th century.Carved in two pieces and attached with a leather strip.Wagogo culture.Tanzania. L – 11 cm.£390

  • Horn snuff container

    A rare type of horn snuff container.Southern or East Africa. Carved in three sections,the top fixes by screwing tight into the body section.The base as joined seperatly to the body. Ex Kempton market. London. 2019. L – 12.5 cm. £450. Click on image for slide show.


    A rare Maasai ear adornment.  Kenya. Late 19th/early 20th century. Ex missionary collection Scotland. Beautiful form and decorations. In good condition. Mounted. H – 9.5 cm. £950. Click on image for slide show

  • Finely beaded baskets. Tutsi. Rwanda

    Two beautifully decorated beaded baskets. Tutsi . Rwanda. 1930′s. Woven grass frame covered with early glass beads. Left to right. H -13.5 cm H 10 cm £450. £340

  • Doll. Tanzania

    Doll. Gourd body with beads,wood and rope. Kept and carried by young girls, Fipa culture. Western Tanzania. H  – 21 cm. £580

  • Stool. Lobi. Burkina Faso

    A nicely balanced small Lobi stool with curved seat with three supporting legs. Dark shiny used patina. L – 43 cm. £750.Click on image for slide show.

  • Ethiopian headrest. Jimma

    Ethiopian headrest. Jimma culture. Carved in two parts with the curved support fitting into the upright support. Smooth worn surface with golden brown patina.19th century,possibly before. H -  17 cm. £ 320. Click on image for slide show.

  • Stool. Mangbetu. Congo

    A nicely balanced small prestige stool with good form and patina. Mangbetu culture. DRC. Early 20th century. Sat upon during ceremonies by a chief or his wives as a symbol of rank and prestige. H – 23 cm. D – 31.5 cm. £750. Good condition no restorations or repairs.Click on image for slide show

  • Female figure. Kulango. Ivory Coast

    Standing wooden female figure with dark, glossy surface,flat coiffure with a high central crest. Wonderfully executed abstract features of breasts with arms carved in reverse. Beaded girdle at hips consisting of cowrie shells and old glass beads .Ex private collection France. H – 41 cm (excluding base) £4200 . Click on image for slide show.

  • Ancestral shrine figure.Yoruba.Nigeria

    A very unusual and early figure with a deep oily patina thought to have once been placed in a shrine. Finely carved in a light wood,the figure sweats in warmer temperature. Yoruba. Nigeria. Ex private collection, London. H – 54.5 cm   £6500 .Click on image for slide show.

  • Female figure. Kaguru. Tanzania

    Maternity figure. Kaguru culture. Tanzania. The female figure with both hands resting on her stomach. Dense wood with worn patina,shiny in parts where handled. Glass beaded eyes. H – 34 cm (excluding base)  £1800

  • Mask. Ngoni culture. Malawi/Tanzania

    A fine Ngoni mask field collected close to the shores of Lake Malawi. Wood decorated with red,white and black pigments. Well worn surface with striking expression. H -30 cm £1800