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    Welcome. If you would like more images or details on any of the pieces listed here please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email or phone. art@tribalgatheringlondon.com  T – + 44 7939 166148.Thanks Bryan Reeves    

  • Headrest. Zulu

    A fine early 20th century Zulu neckrest. Southern Africa. L – 40 cm H -  15 cm. Ex private collection UK. £850

  • Palm wine cup. Kuba DRC

    A finely executed 19th century Kuba palm wine cup. DRC. H – 13 cm. Ex Belgium collection. £450

  • Bronze charm pendent. Ivory Coast/Burkina Faso

    L – 13 cm £550

  • Stool/headrest.Southern Ethiopia

    L – 27 cm £420

  • Ashanti stool.Ghana

    Fine Ashanti stool. Early 20th century.Ghana. Ex private collection UK. L – 53 cm H – 33 cm. £850

  • Stool.Ashanti Ghana Early 20th century

    Fine Ashanti stool. Ghana. Early 20th century. Dark patina. Ex private collection UK. L -54 cm H – 36 cm. £750

  • Figurative stopper.Tanzania

    A fine figurative stopper to a gourd container. Zigua culture Tanzania. H – 21.5 cm. £650

  • Antelope gold weight.Akan

    A fine 19th century Akan gold weight in the form of a antelope.L – 55 mm H – 29 mm. Ex private coll. Germany.£220

  • Mother and child fragment

    A fine and early fragmented piece of a mother with a child on her back. Possibly of Lobi origin Burkina Faso.Ex Belgium private collection.H – 12 cm. Medium density wood with smooth black patina. Traces of burnt areas.Early 20th century. £750

  • Akan gold weight.Ghana

    18th century Akan gold weight depicting the mythical Sankofa bird,Proverb ‘learn from the past’ . H -  41 mm. Ex private coll. UK. £180

  • Reclining child’s chair. Ivory Coast

    A fine early small reclining chair. Ivory Coast. Lovely worn patina.Early 20th century. Ex Seward Kennedy collection UK. H – 34 cm L – 40 cm. £490

  • Amulet. Senufo

    A finely cast early amulet/pendant. Senufo. Ivory Coast. Male and female figures joined together.19th to early 20th century. H – 50 mm. £450

  • Fine Dan mask

    A fine Dan mask.Ivory Coast. First half 20th century. Ex private collection Netherlands. H – 21 cm. £ 2400

  • Fine comb. Luba

    A finely carved comb. Luba DRC. Ex Belgium private collection. Female head with fine coiffure. First half 20th century. H – 24 cm. £950

  • Miniature bronze figure

    Minute bronze figure.Mali. Difficult to define the exact tribal grouping but possibly from the Djenne region of Mali. 18th century possibly before.Encrusted patina. Ex Seward Kennedy collection UK. H – 48 mm. £450 (comes on small wooden display)  

  • Bronze ring. Dogon

    A fine bronze equestrian figure ring. Dogon, Mali. Ex Seward Kennedy collection UK. H – 78 mm. First half 20th century.£620 (comes mounted on a wooden base)

  • Prestige stool. Ivory Coast

    Title stool. Baule,Ivory Coast. Ex Jonathan Lowen collection UK. L – 41 cm. H -19 cm. £650

  • Prestige stool.Tanzania

    Prestige stool.Rare form.Hehe Tanzania.Early 20th century.H 34cm D 49cm. £620

  • Fine Kwere doll figure.Tanzania

    Female figure/doll.Female figure holding her brests.Typical Kwere hairstyle.Nice worn patina.H 14.5 cm.£650


    A nicely formed stool or headrest formed from a branch of a tree. Toposa. Southern Sudan. Three supporting legs with beautiful patina. L – 55 cm. £380

  • Fine Igbo stool

    A fine Igbo stool Nigeria with complex interlocking design. In good overall condition.Early part 20th century.Ex private collection UK. H – 29 cm. D – 32 cm. £1200

  • Koran stand. East African coast possibly Zanzibar

    A rare form of Koran stand coming from the East African coast. Unusual to have the flat carved top as a separate piece. First half 20th century. H – 48 cm L – 27 cm.Ex private collection UK. £450


    A fine Oromo headrest.Bale region.Ethiopia. 17 X 16 cm. £380

  • Headrest/stool.

    A beautifully formed headrest/stool with attached snuff container.Hamar people.Southern Ethiopia.21 X 19 cm  £450


  • Elephant Stool

    This elephant stool was given to the previous owner by her father who was the lead doctor in Southern Sudan. He was given the stool as a gift for services rendered by a Dinka chief in the early 1940′s. Carved in a very heavy dense wood with worn patina. H – 63 cm. £950

  • A fine low wooden tribal chair

    A fine low wooden tribal chair with metal decorations coming from the Guro people in the Ivory Coast.Ex-private coll.UK. H – 52 cm.Early 20th century. £950

  • Small Stool

    An early 20th-century Igbo stool. Small in size with fine cut out proportions, comprising of three circular bands, top, bottom and middle supported by rows of small triangular shaped cut out upright supports. Good signs of early wear and use.H- 29 cm. £420

  • Chief’s stool

    A fine and rare type of Ashanti stool, Ghana. Pre 1940′s.Unusually decorated on both sides with four snakes that would have acted as a form of protection to the sitting chief. Ex-private collection UK.Length – 48cm. Price  - £850

  • High backed chair

    Medium sized Ethiopian chair with three curved supporting legs. Late 19th century. Good form and condition with nice patina. H 83 cm. Diameter –  47 cm. £850

  • Intricately carved stool

    An early Bamileke stool from the Cameroon.Ex old English collection.Typically circular in form with rows of intricately carved bat heads. Height  -  40 cm. Early 20th century.Diameter 28 cm. £650.

  • Fine circular stool

    A beautiful and simply formed Congolese stool with nicely balance circular top and bottom. Good condition with striation decorations coming from the base and up the support.Probably Mangbetu in origin, north eastern  DRC. Early 20th-century.H- 32cm. Diameter 40 cm. £550

  • 19th century high backed chair.

    A large and unusual late 19th century Ethiopian high backed throne. Coming from the Jimma region. Carved from a heavy brown wood, supported by three curved legs with a rare cutout cross design on the backrest. Nice patina and in good condition. H – 101 cm. W – 57 cm. £1900.

  • Prestige stool

    A fine early prestige stool. Duala, Cameroon. Early 20th century. Ex-private collection UK. Length – 52 cm. £950

  • A fine and unusually long stool

    A fine and unusually long Lobi stool. Burkina Faso. Beautiful form and patina. Early 20th century. L – 71 cm  H – 38 cm  £750

  • Reclining chair

    A fine two piece reclining backrest/chair. 19th century. Ethiopia. Consisting of two pieces of wood, the backrest slotting into the base.The chair has a wonderful patina all over and elegant form. Length –  105 cm Height – 84 cm Wide – 50 cm. £1800

  • Small zoomorphic stool

    A nicely balanced Lobi stool. Burkina Faso. Early 20th century. L – 42 cm. H – 22.5 cm. £450


    A rare type of stool symbolising rank and title. Hehe tribe. Iringa region. Tanzania. Early 20th century. H -40 cm D – 51 cm. £650