• Ancestral figure. Tanzania

    A fine early ancestral figure. Bena tribe. Iringa Region of south-central Tanzania.A upright male figure standing on a stool. First half 20th century.Field collected in the 1990′s. H – 80 cm. £1850

  • Snuff container. East African

    A early horn and leather snuff container.Northern Kenya/Uganda. First half 20th century.H – 10.5 cm. £120

  • Tribal Gathering London.Online gallery

    Welcome to the online gallery. If you would like more images or details on any of the pieces please don’t hesitate to get in touch via e mail or phone. Hope you enjoy the collection. art@tribalgatheringlondon.com  T – + 44 7939 166148 – Bryan Reeves    

  • Lidded basket.Tutsi people, Rwanda.

    A fine and large lidded basket.Tutsi people, Rwanda. Woven cane and fibre weave.First half 20th century.  Ex Belgian collection.H – 35 cm. £480

  • Finely woven presentation baskets. Tutsi. Rwanda

    Very finely woven presentation baskets ‘Igiseke’. Tutsi people,Rwanda.All early 20th century.Plant fibers and natural dye.The basket in the centre is a rare large size for these types of baskets. Sizes from left to right – 19 cm, 38 cm, 25 cm. £450. £1400. £650

  • Ogboni couple. Yoruba

    A fine small pair of brass Ogboni Society figures (Edan)Yoruba People. Nigeria. Male and female with connecting chain.19th century.Ex Seward Kennedy collection. H- 79 mm. £650

  • Amulet pendent. Senufo.Ivory Coast.

    A fine early amulet/pendent.Iron. Senufo. Ivory Coast. 19th century. H – 50 mm. £450

  • East African game board

    A fine tall and well used game board consisting of four rows with cups either end. Wonderful worn patina and form.Tanzanian coastal region. Early 20th century. Height 120 cm. £950

  • Prestige stool. Duala.Cameroon

    A fine early prestige stool. Duala,Cameroon. Early 20th century. Ex private collection UK. Length – 52 cm. £850

  • Lobi stool.

    A fine and unusually long Lobi stool. Burkina Faso. Beautiful form and patina. Early 20th century. L – 71 cm  H – 38 cm  £750


    A finely cast gold weight of a antelope with extended curved horns.19th century. Akan. Ghana.  Ex private collection UK. L 35 mm H 25 mm £240

  • Figurative gold weight. Ghana 19th century

    A fine bronze gold weight of a standing male figure. Ex Seward Kennedy collection UK. 19th century,H 55 MM £450


    A finely decorated small ritual cup. Kuba. DRC. Early 20th century.H – 75 mm £280


    A small ceremonial stool. Lega. DRC. Early 2oth century.H – 12 cm £550

  • Ancestral figure. Tanzania

    Fine old ancestral figure. Sagara. Tanzania.Seated female figure with upright posture,weather patina and movable arms.First half 20th century.H – 67 cm £1900

  • Gold weight of a bird in a trap. Akan 19th century.

    A finely cast Akan gold weight depicting a bird being caught in a trap.Ex Seward Kennedy collection UK. 19th century. L 37 mm £250

  • Title staff. Tanzania.

    Title staff. Gogo people.Tanzania.Staffs like this were carried by elders as a symbol of rank and prestige.Dense wood with lusty patina.First half 20th century.Ex private collection UK.H – 48 cm. £560

  • Title or prestige staff. Tanzania

    Prestige staff. Hehe. Tanzania.Staffs like this were carried by elders as a symbol of title and rank.First half 20th century.Ex private collection UK.H 58 cm.£650


    A fine headrest/personal hand shield. Dinka,Southern Sudan.Wood with four inserted legs. Old aluminium decorations with  woven cotton army shoulder strap.The underside of the headrest has a hand grip enabling the headrest to act as a small shield like weapon. L – 40 cm. £950

  • Gold weight. Akan. Ghana.19th century

    A unusual Akan gold weight in abstract form.Ex private collection UK. 19th century.L 115 mm W 42 mm £180

  • Gold weight. 17th century. Akan. Ghana

    A fine 17th century gold weight in geometric form . Akan,Ghana.Ex private collection London.W- 25 mm £140

  • Akan gold weight. 18th -19th century. Ghana

    A fine early Akan gold weight of a coiled snake catching a bird. 18th- 19th century. Ex private collection London. L – 37 mm. Comes with a custom made wooden base. £250

  • Small bronze figures. Djenne period.Mali

    A group of small and very early bronze figurines,Djenne period,Mali.Ex Seward Kennedy collection. UK. Left to Right 45 mm. 62 mm.34 mm. 65 mm. £550. £650.£550. £680. Each with a custom made wooden base.

  • Akan gold weight.19th century.

    A fine gold weight of a chameleon. Ex private collection UK. 19th century. L – 68 mm H 33 mm. Comes on a custom made wooden base. £250

  • Bronze pendant. Tellem. Mali

    A fine early bronze pendant of a crouching male. Tellem period. Mali.Ex Seward Kennedy collection,London. H – 39 mm. £550. Comes on a custom made wooden base.

  • Seated female figure. Djenne period,Mali

    A fine seated female figure holding a vessel between her legs with necklace and arm bands. Probably a shrine figure. Djenne period. Mali .Ex private collection London. H 40mm.£650

  • Rare bronze figure. Delta region.Chad.

    A fine and rare kneeling figure.Lower region of Lake Chad.The figure is kneeling and appears to be praying to the gods with arms raiser to its mouth and head turned upwards.18-19th century. Ex Seward Kennedy collection. London. H –  60 mm W 85 mm . £850

  • Somali headrest

    A lovely early Somali headrest.With typically fine decorations on both curved supports. Nice deep worn dark surface.In good overall condition. H – 17 cm. £550

  • Fine early Tsonga neckrest

    This fine and rare 19th century Tsonga neckrest was carved with the base also acting as a form of personal storage container. It is in good condition and decorated with early brass tacks. Ex private collection UK. £1800

  • Kifwebe mask. DRC

    Fine Kifwebe mask. Luba/Songye.DRC. Ex private collection Penn Kent. London. Purchased gallery Galerie Walu,Zurich 2001. H- 42 cm. £5800


    Fine female fetish figure. Kusu. DRC. First half 20th century. Ex private collection UK. H –  27 cm. £ 1600


    House posts were used to partition areas in a traditional dwelling. Gurage culture, Ethiopia. Wood,early 20th century. These types of posts would have been positioned in the ground , they then acted as a form of room/space divider. The forms are thought to represent abstract human figures. H – 205 cm and 170 cm.£950, £750

  • Fine early Mumuye figure

    A fine Mumuye figure coming from the private collection of Jonathan Lowen, London.Wonderful form and surface patina. H – 110 cm. Price on request.

  • cEREMONIAL FIGURE. Sukuma.Tanzania

    A powerful standing ceremonial figure. Sukuma,Tanzania.  Wood painted red with aluminium plated eyes and mouth. H – 90 cm. Price on request. BNCDEOO

  • Royal cup. Kuba DRC

    A finely decorated palm wine cup. Kuba Kingdom DRC. Finely decorated handle and body with typical Kuba geometric designs.Early 20th century.Ex Belgium collection. £450

  • Title staff. Tanzania

    Title staff. Haha/Gogo. Tanzania. Animal form with lusty worn patina. H –  95 cm. £580

  • Hunters fetish. Mali

    A traditional hunters fetish. Mali. Worn with one of the metal rings through the wrist and carried as a fly wisp such pieces were carried as a form of protection from harmful spirits. Metal rings,leather pouches and charms covering fetish material,fly wisp of  animal hair.Mid 20th century or before. £450. Comes with display stand.

  • Rare giraffe hide shield with white ostrich feathers

    A rare giraffe hide shield.Northern Kenya/border with Uganda.Typical in form to shields found in this region also extending up to Southern Sudan. Surmounted with white ostrich feathers. Wooden handle at the back,some lose of hair to the front of the shield. Early 20th century. Ex private colllection UK. CBDAHOO. Price on request

  • Three fine bronze gold dust spoons. Akan.

    Three finely made beaten brass spoons used for measuring gold dust. 17th – 18th century. Akan. Ghana. L – 7 cm.11 cm.12 cm. £240 group of three. Ex private collection UK.

  • Broze tortoise amulet. Senufo.

    Bronze amulet diviner piece. Senufo. Ivory Coast.Flat casting with spiral back design, Raised dot decoration in the centre. Diameter 65 mm. 19th century.Small bronze figurines like this were used by the Senufo diviner during ritual. Ex Seward Kennedy collection. £220